Medium Armored Vehicle

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10 - Weapons
23 - Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles
99 - Miscellaneous
R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Subject: The same for all classes- Capability to Equip a Brigade Combat Team Organization

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CLASSCOD: R--Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
OFFADD: U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command, Acquisition Center
(AMSTA-AQ-DE), Warren, MI 48397-5000


SOL DAAE07-00-R-M032

POC Contract Specialist, Mr. Michael McHugh, Phone (810) 574-5899

DESC: This notice is for the purpose of announcing the issuance
of a Draft Request For Proposals (DRFP) and subsequent Formal
Request For Proposals (RFP). The U.S. Army Tank-automotive
& Armaments Command is seeking proposals from sources interested
in the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) effort. The Objective of the
BCT effort is to obtain, through execution of source selection
trade-off procedures, the best value solution for development,
production, fielding, and support of a full spectrum force
of safe, reliable, supportable and effective systems organized
in accordance with the Brigade Combat Team organizational and
operational concept. Attributes of the Brigade Combat Team
organizational and operational concept were presented at an
Advance Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI) described below.
The BCT effort will provide for the capability of a new brigade
organization designed for full spectrum operations. The capability
may include the availability of a family (or families) of systems
to equip the new brigade organization. It is anticipated that
the solution to meeting the Program Objective may include the
acquisition of: off-the shelf equipment, non-developmental
items, traditional development, system's integrator (multiple
ground combat vehicle & sustainment solutions), system's integrator
(vehicle and non-vehicle solutions; complete brigade support),
a mix of the aforementioned staggered over time and across
variants, or other solutions. As part of the market survey
for this action, the Army hosted an Advance Planning Briefing
for Industry (APBI) on 1 December 1999 detailing the potential
desired capabilities of this brigade organization and associated
systems. The CBD announcement for the APBI also identified
the Army's desire for input (White Papers) from interested
parties regarding the potential approaches for modernization
of the brigade. The White Papers request, in particular, sought
comments about the potential acquisition strategy, schedule,
program requirements, contractual incentives, system-of-systems
integration, production capability, product assurance, Manpower
and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT), logistics concepts/supportability,
C4ISR connectivity, training, embedded diagnostics, technical
insertion, teaming, and opportunities for private/public partnering.
The notice regarding the APBI, White Papers, and the briefing
charts from the APBI are available on the US Army TACOM/Warren
web-site at:
The DRFP is expected to be released for comment on 31 DEC 99.
Upon release of the DRFP, comments to the DRFP should be
submitted in accordance with the White Paper submission instructions/format.
Submission of comments to the DRFP will be due by 31 JAN 00.
The formal RFP is expected to be released on 29 FEB 00 with
an estimated closing date of 28 APR 00. Contract award is anticipated
for 30 JUN 00 and First Unit Equipped is anticipated for 31 MAR 01.
Hardcopies of the DRFP will not be issued. Upon release,
the DRFP will be available on the US Army TACOM/Warren web-site
Parties interested in being included on the Bidder's Mailing
List (BML) for this action must provide the following information
to the e-mail address below: Company Name, Point of Contact
& Phone number, E-mail Address. Submit BML information to:
[email protected]


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