Medium Armored Vehicle





For FAR, DFARS, AFARS, and TACOM clauses and provisions please refer to the Clauses and Provisions link for this solicitation.

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An immediate need exists for an air transportable regimental/brigade sized force capable of deployment to anywhere on the globe in a combat ready configuration. This force is essential to providing the strategic responsiveness and full spectrum versatility demanded by the National Military Strategy. This self-contained organization enhances strategic responsiveness by providing a base unit that is fully mobile and completely air deployable by C-130 tactical lift aircraft. The force is packaged at the Air Port of Embarkation (APOE) to be fully operational and ready for immediate commitment upon landing. Split-based support operations will be employed to minimize the logistics footprint. Operational mobility will be achieved by rapid movement across the depth and breadth of the area of responsibility which may include complex, urban, and open and rolling terrain. The Army will function as an integral member of the joint team and will be a major factor in executing joint strategic concepts, with quick response by a lethal, versatile, tactically agile joint force. Full spectrum U.S military operations in the 21st century will be conducted in a joint, multinational and interagency environment.


The following five requirements are key to the system and are "must have" at least at the threshold (T) level. The Objective (O) level is desired.

  1. Air transportable and capable of Roll-on/Roll-off (RO/RO) in a C-130 aircraft in a combat ready configuration within USAF peacetime constraints in accordance with MIL-STD-1366 and MIL-HDB-1791. This includes full combat load plan requirements, soldiers and their gear, classes of supply, OVM, and medical and maintenance equipment.
  2. Operate, employ weapon systems, and maneuver 24 hrs per day including night, blackout, inclement weather and other periods of limited visibility.
  3. Provide integral frontal, side and rear protection from 7.62 mm AP @ 10 meters.
  4. Provide protection against 152MM HE overhead burst @ 30 M (T), 15M (O).
  5. Accelerate from 0-20 MPH (hard surface) <8 sec.


Residual performance requirements are desired to be part of the system and are found at Attachment 1 in this solicitation. Values stated here and at Attachment 1 are not yet approved in a final Operational Requirements Document (ORD). When finalized, all performance requirements will consider results of analysis of alternatives, the Platform Performance Demonstration at Ft. Knox, White Paper inputs, and the impacts of affordability constraints. In their proposal, offerors will be expected to propose costs to enhance performance above existing baselines to achieve performance and schedule thresholds and objectives included in the RFP.



Sustain daily Equipment Serviceability (ES) of 90% for a Common Family of Medium Armored Vehicle systems. ES is a readiness measure of the Brigade Combat Teamís ability to perform intended missions. ES of 90% must be maintained for system and on board or integrated mission equipment regardless of source, and includes designated Operational Readiness Floats. The Brigade Combat Team receives support from a tailored Support Battalion and through use of Reach-Back and use of an Intermediate Staging Base as agreed to by the Government.



Data requirements will be limited to that essential for full Materiel Release IAW AR 700-142.



In concert with the Government, offerors will develop a tailored approach to Combat Service Support which balances organic and contractor efforts and achieves sustainment objectives while reducing the requirement for a deployed logistics infrastructure in the Area of Operational Responsibility.



Offeror shall provide interface and integration support for new technologies and innovations for the life of the system.



Offeror shall have total system performance responsibility, including resolution of all interface issues.

Offeror shall be responsible for configuration management.

Offeror shall develop a MAV Operation and Support (O&S) Cost Reduction Strategy. The offeror shall help develop a life cycle cost model and establish an O&S cost baseline for the expected life of the MAV.

Offeror in cooperation with the Government shall develop and deliver a Statement of Work (SOW) and Performance Specification for this effort.

The offeror shall provide sufficient personnel located on-site with the Government Program Management (PM) office to handle technical support, logistical support, and administrative coordination.




Pursuant to AR 700-142 receive full Materiel Release by March 2001.

Offeror shall identify how the Government will inspect and accept vehicles. Consideration shall be given to how and when Control/Comparison tests will be conducted.