Medium Armored Vehicle

Commerce Business Daily Announcement
Published 09 November 1999


The United States Army is conducting a market survey in preparation of its intent to competitively acquire to determine the potential availability of a family (or families) of systems to equip a new brigade organization designed for full spectrum operations, optimized for small scale contingencies.

The Army intends to host an Advance Planning Briefing for Industry (APBI) on 1 December 1999 detailing the potentialprogram strategy and requirements desired capabilities of this brigade organization and associated systems. Subsequent to that, the US Army desires input (White Papers) regarding the programpotential approaches for modernization of the brigade. Of interest include comments about the potential acquisition strategy, program requirements, system-of-systems integration, production capability, product assurance, Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT), C4ISR connectivity, training, logistics concepts, embedded diagnostics, technical insertion, teaming, and opportunities for private/public partnering. White Papers are to be submitted electronically to Mr. Kenneth Bousquet via email at [email protected] no later than 31 January 2000. Pre-registration and clearances for the APBI will be required.

Potential offerors interested parties are invited to participate in an operational demonstration of candidate systems at Fort Knox, Kentucky in January 2000. This demonstration will be conducted under the auspices of the Mounted Maneuver Battlespace Battle Lab. The purpose of the activity at Fort Knox is to assist the Army in refinement of the organizational and operational concept and is not part of an Army acquisition procurement action. Systems to be demonstrated willwill be delivered to Fort Knox not later than 13 December 1999. At this demonstration, the US Army intends for its subject matter expert team of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and engineers to assess candidates for potential future use. This assessment will focus on operational performance of end items and will involve on- and off-road operations, swimming, range firing on traditional and MOUT ranges, ease of operation, and ease of maintenance. Interested parties are invited to allow in situ reviews of candidate equipment in advance of but not in lieu of the Fort Knox demonstration. At the time of the demonstration, written documentation to support the ability to meet the requirement, or a detailed description of system modifications that are contemplated to assure requirements can be achieved, must be provided. Product growth/improvement/maturation/support/ producibility/technology insertion plans may also be submitted. All documentation will be in English. Documentation provided will not be returned. The demonstration is at no expense to the US government. Interested parties must notify Mr. Kenneth Bousquet via email at [email protected] of their intent to participate. Provide notice not later than 13 November 1999. Additional details concerning delivery locations, times, vehicle security, et. al. will be provided to responding offerors.