Medium Armored Vehicle

Annex D

Appendix 9

NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle

P3I Requirements

a. This appendix describes only the P3I requirements for the NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle.

b. Through P3I, CBRIDS performance will grow from M93A1 Fox-like capability to a fully integrated, multifunctional NBC detection platform linked to a robust suite of remote sensors that significantly expands the range of NBC/TIM situational awareness. Platform performance grows from nuclear point and chemical point and standoff detection to include biological point and standoff detection and on-the-move capability. CBRIDS will be able to directly link with and, as necessary, deploy and control unattended ground sensors, unmanned ground vehicles, and unmanned aerial vehicles. CBRIDS remains the linchpin of an expanding cooperative NBC defense network.

4. CBRIDS P3I Capabilities Required.

a. System Performance.

(1) The NBC reconnaissance vehicle must be capable of hosting the next generation of NBC sensors.

Rationale: As more sophisticated NBC agents are developed and utilized by potential adversaries, the requirement is to ensure we retain the capability to detect and warn friendly forces in time to facilitate bypass to avoid contaminated areas. Planned sensors to accomplish these tasks must be an integral part of the NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle in the IBCT.