Medium Armored Vehicle

Annex D

Appendix 5

Fire Support Vehicle

P3I Requirements

This Appendix describes only the P3I requirements for the Fire Support Vehicle. The following paragraph numbering corresponds to the Fire Support Vehicle configuration Appendix.

4. Capabilities Required.

a. System Performance.

(2) MAV FSV must integrate a Lightweight Laser Designator/Rangefinder (LLDR) based FSV Mission Equipment Package (MEP) into the ICV.

Rationale: The LLDR provides the capability to observe, track, identify and designate targets at extended ranges. It incorporates a video based optic sensor, Laser Range Finder, Laser Designator, and an advanced FLIR imaging sensor. The LLDR is integrated as the primary sensor within the targeting station of the MEP. The Mission Equipment Package encompasses the sensor suite, C4I suite, and associated equipment required for the fire support team to accomplish fires planning, coordination, and execution tasks.

(3) Sensor Suite.

(a) A masted sensor is required to employ sensors and perform targeting operations from an elevated platform at a height of 5-10m.

Rationale: The masted sensor allows the MAV FSV to target from a defilade position. Improved survivability and a lower detection rate make the vehicle more effective in executing its fire support targeting mission. This is envisioned to be a common mast and used on the Fire Support Vehicle and will not provide a unique signature on the battlespace.