Medium Armored Vehicle

Annex D

Appendix 4

Reconnaissance Vehicle

P3I Requirements

This appendix describes only the P3I requirements for the Reconnaissance Vehicle. The following paragraph numbering corresponds to the Reconnaissance Vehicle configuration appendix.

4. Capabilities Required.

a. System Requirements.

(4) The Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System must operate on the move, with no degradation of established performance parameters.

Rationale: The long range capability of the LRAS3 will exponentially enhance the situational awareness within the Brigade area of operations by providing scouts with the ability to conduct extended surveillance of assigned Named Areas of Interest (NAIs). While conducting route, area and zone reconnaissance and surveillance operations; the scout will employ the LRAS3 to initially detect, recognize, and identify potential targets outside of the threatís detection range. This capability will empower the Reconnaissance vehicle to be the "hunter" to guide and/or direct others to "kill", employing precision munitions.

(5) Sensor Suite. A masted sensor is required to employ sensors and perform targeting operations from an elevated platform at a height of 5-10m.

Rationale: The masted sensor allows the Reconnaissance Vehicle to target from a defilade position. Improved survivability and a lower detection rate make the vehicle more effective in executing its reconnaissance mission. This is envisioned to be a common mast and used on the Reconnaissance Vehicle and will not provide a unique signature on the battlespace.