Medium Armored Vehicle

Annex D

Appendix 3

Antitank Guided Missile Vehicle (ATGM)

P3I Requirements

This Appendix describes only the P3I requirements for the ATGM. The following paragraph numbering corresponds to the ATGM configuration Appendix.

4. Capabilities Required.

a. System performance.

(2) System must be capable of hosting next generation (Fire and Forget) missile.

Rationale: The ATGM MAV will provide the brigade’s primary tank killing capability. The ATGM MAV will fire the brigade’s heavy antitank missiles to destroy high value threat targets at extended ranges in order to defeat enemy armor before the enemy tanks can return effective fires. The brigade commander will utilize the brigade’s separate antitank company, armed with these ATGM MAVs, to shape the battlefield, to reinforce the brigade’s infantry battalions, to serve as a member of the brigade reserve, to reinforce the brigade reconnaissance squadron in the counter-reconnaissance fight, and to counterattack the enemy’s operations. This dedicated ATGM system allows the remainder of the brigade’s MAV fleet to be optimized for specific capabilities that can function under the antitank overwatch umbrella.

(3) System will mount and fire a minimum of 6 ready missiles.

Rationale: Multiple ready missiles and rapid reload capabilities facilitate multiple target engagements in high intensity fights.