Medium Armored Vehicle

Annex D

Appendix 11

Self-Propelled Howitzer Vehicle

P3I Requirements

This appendix describes only the P3I requirements for the SP Howitzer. The following paragraph numbering corresponds to SP Howitzer Annex, Annex C.

4. Capabilities Required.

a. System Performance

(9) Propellant Ignition System. The SP Howitzer shall have a laser ignition system that shall provide for a minimum of 30 ignitions without replenishment of the ignition source.

Rationale: Laser ignition significantly improves rate of fire. Additionally, the primer stockpile is limited and will be exhausted NLT 2010. Reopening of dormant production lines for procurement of additional primers is not a cost effective solution based on available technology.

(14) Optical Fire Control. The SP Howitzer will be positioned and layed for direct and indirect fire using Towed Artillery Digitization as described in paragraph 4a(17).

Rationale: Automated fire control is required to assure the required fire support for maneuver in distributed operations and to guarantee accurate and responsive fires in all anticipated missions for the IBCT. Specifically, automated fire control will provide for technical fire computation on the weapon, extremely accurate positioning data without the need for external survey support, and allow the weapon platforms to take advantage of terrain and conduct semi-autonomous operations.