M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System - MLRS

GS01AA: Introduction to MLRS

09 January 1997

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Table of Contents

GS01AA: Introduction to MLRS

GS01AA: Introduction to MLRS SEP 98

Gunnery Department MLRS Division “Standards Start Here”

Introduction to MLRS

MLRS Branch Information

The Mission of the Field Artillery is to ...

Field Artillery Advanced Course

FAOAC MLRS Course Outline

Video Introduction “Steel Rain on the Battlefield”

Command Relationship

MLRS Active Component Unit Deployment

MLRS National Guard Unit Deployment

Cannon Battalion Organization 105mm 3x6 Configuration

Cannon Battalion Organization 155mm 3x6 Configuration

Non Divisional MLRS Battalion (3x9 Configuration)

Divisional MLRS Battalion (2x9 Configuration)

Div/Non Div MLRS Battalions (3x6 Configuration)

System Components

Self Propelled Launcher Loader SPLL (M270)

Launcher Firing Capability

Launch Pods (LPC/GMLA)

Launch Pods (LPC/GMLA)

Current MLRS Family of Munitions (MFOM)

M26 Rocket

M77 DPICM Submunition

MLRS vs 155mm Firepower Comparison

M77 Submunitions

M28 Practice Rocket

M28A1 Reduced Range Practice Rocket

Current Army TACMS Family of Munitions (AFOM)

Army TACMS Block I

Army TACMS Block IA

M74 APAM Submunition

Associated Equipment


Fire Direction System (FDS)

FDS C 3 Capabilities

Position Azimuth Determining System (PADS)

Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver (PLGR)

Future Munitions MFOM

M26A1 Extended Range Rocket (ER MLRS)

Extended Range Rocket (Guided)

Extended Range Rocket (GPS Guided)

MLRS Future Submunitions M85 DPICM

Future Munitions

Army TACMS Block II

Army TACMS Block IIA

MLRS Future Launcher Improvements


High Mobility Artillery Rocket System

Gunnery Department MLRS Division

Author: MLRS Branch Headquarters