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Chemical and Biological Defense

The objective of the Department of Defense (DoD) Chemical and Biological Defense Program (CBDP) is to enable US forces to survive, fight, and win in a chemically or biologically contaminated warfare environment. The DoD CBDP provides development and procurement of systems to enhance the ability of US forces to deter and defend against CB agents during regional contingencies. The probability of US forces encountering CB agents during worldwide conflicts remains high. An effective defense reduces the probability of a CB attack, and if an attack occurs, it enables US forces to survive, continue operations, and win. Scientific, technological, and resource limitations remain in preventing US forces from having complete full dimensional protection and meeting all requirements for two nearly simultaneous Major Theater Wars. The unique physical, toxicological, destructive, and other properties of each threat requires that operational and technological responses be tailored to the threat. To minimize the impact of use of NBC weapons on our forces, the DoD CBDP will continue to work towards increasing the defensive capabilities of Joint Forces to survive and continue the mission during conflicts that involve the use of NBC weapons. NBC defense programs are managed jointly under the oversight of a single office within DoD.

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