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AN/UDR-13 Radiac Set

AN/UDR-13 photo This Radiac Set is a compact, handheld, or pocket carried, tactical device capable of measuring prompt gamma/neutron dose from a nuclear event plus gamma dose and dose-rate from a fallout environment in a tactical battlefield situation. A push-button pad enables mode selection, functional control, and the setting of audio and visual alarm thresholds for both dose-rate and mission dose. A "sleep" mode with automatic wakeup is provided to enhance battery life. Data readout and warning/mode messages are provided by liquid crystal display.


Requirement Document: Jul 91

Basis of Issue: One per platoon or platoon size unit.

First Prototype: FY94

New Materiel Release: FY98

First Unit Equipped/IOC: FY98

Unit Price: $617 (Hardware)

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