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AN/PDR-75 Radiac Set

AN/PDR-75 photo The Radiac Set AN/PDR-75 will provide the capability to monitor and record the exposure of individual personnel to gamma and neutron radiation. Each individual will be issued a DT-236/PDR-75 dosimeter. This device, worn on the wrist, contains a neutron diode and a phosphate glass gamma detector. When a determination of exposure is required, the dosimeter is inserted into a CP-696/PDR-75 reader, which then displays the cumulative neutron and gamma dose.


Requirement Document: Material Need (MN) 22 Jan 73

Basis of Issue: One CP-696/PDR-75 will be issued to each company. A DT-236/PDR-75 will be issued to all combat, combat support personnel, and combat service support personnel.

Production Deliveries Started: Aug 87

First Unit Equipped: Nov 88

Type Classified Standard: Aug 83

Unit Price: $2,900 (CP-696 Hardware); $21 (DT-236 Hardware)

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