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The CBU-58 is loaded with 650 bomblets. These bomblets contain 5-gram titanium pellets, making them incendiary and useful against flammable targets.

The CBU-52, -58 and -71 all use SUU-30 dispensers, a metal cylinder divided longitudinally. One-half contains a strong back section that provides for forced ejection and sway-bracing. The two halves lock together. Four cast aluminum fins are attached at a 9~degree angle to the aft end of the dispenser and are canted 1.25 degrees to impart spin-stabilized flight. When released from the aircraft, the arming wire/lanyard initiates the fuze arming and delay cycle. At fuze function, the fuze booster ignites and unlocks the forward end of the dispenser. Ram air action on the dispenser forces the two halves apart, instantaneously dispensing the payload and allowing the bomblets to spin-arm and self-dispense. A total of 17,831 were expended during the Gulf War.


Weight: 800 pounds
Length:93 inches
Diameter: 16 inches
Guidance: None
Control: None
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None
Maximum Velocity:625 KIAS
Warhead: 650 BLU-63A/B anti-materiel / anti-personnel bomblet submunitions
Fuse: M339, FMU-56, FMU-11, FMU-26, M907
Aircraft 8 A-7
4-8 F-4
4 F-16
8 F-111
B-52, A-37, A-10, F-5
Unit Cost: $2,893 (FY90$)

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