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Hard Target penetrators being changed into low-cost Joint Direct Attack Munition [JDAM] include the 2,000 pound BLU-109 and 1,000 pound BLU-110 forged steel casing warheads, which are more accurately toleranced than the Mk.80 series. JDAM consists of a tail kit that can be attached to ‘dumb’ free-fall gravity bombs that have been in the Air Force and Navy inventories for decades, turning them into accurate guided ‘smart’ bombs. The heart of the tail kit is an Inertial Navigation System/Global Position System, or INS/GPS, guidance system that gives JDAM an all-weather capability and high accuracy.

Some are thermally protected for use on aircraft carriers. The thermally protected MK 80 series bomb was developed to increase the cookoff time and decrease the reaction of bombs when engulfed in a fuel fire. The BLU-110A/B and BLU-111A/B thermally protected bombs are identical to the MK 83 and MK 84 thermally protected bombs, respectively, with the exception of the explosive filler. The BLU series bomb bodies use PBNX-109 as explosive filler. The MK 82 and MK 83 series LDGP bombs underwent a Product Improvement Initiative (PII) which entailed filling the bomb cases with a less sensitive explosive. When so filled the MK 82 and MK 83 bombs are redesignated BLU-111/B and BLU-110/B, respectively.


Weight: pounds
Length: inches
Diameter: inches
Guidance: None
Control: None
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None

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