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The BLU series bomb bodies use PBNX-109 as explosive filler. The BLU-109A/B used with the GBU-24 and GBU-31(V)4/B is a special purpose bomb comprised of steel alloy used for hardened targets. The BLU-109/B (I-2000) is an improved 2,000-pound-class bomb designed as a penetrator without a forward fuze well. Its configuration is relatively slim, and its skin is much harder than that of the standard MK-84 bomb. The skin is a single-piece, forged warhead casing of one-inch, high-grade steel. Its usual tail fuze is a mechanical-electrical FMU- 143. The 1,925-pound bomb has a 550-pound tritonal high-explosive blast warhead. The BLU-109/B was always mated with a laser guidance kit to form a laser-guided bomb in Desert Storm.


Class2,000 lb. Penetrator, Blast/Fragmentation
ControlLow Drag Fins/Air Foil Groups
Autopilot: None
Propulsion: None
Weight (lbs.)1950
Length (in.)98.54
Diameter (in.) 14.5
Explosive535 lbs. Tritonal
FuzeFMU-143 Series
StabilizerFins and Airfoil Groups (Laser Guided Bombs)
Contractor Lockheed Missiles & Space
Unit Cost$2,126 (Warhead Only)
Aircraft F-117 F-15E F-16A-D F-111D-F

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