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D-4 NPU (Xian NPU)

The D-4 is a small UAV operated by remote control. The contractor is Xian Pilotless Research and Development Center, located at the Northwestern Polytechnical University in China. Other similar craft are BAZ (Iran) and LG 17 (CIS). The D-4 drone's wings are high-mounted, straight to the midsection, and tapered from midwing to tips. The engine is a single, prop-driven engine in the nose section. The fuselage is round and tapers to front and rear, with fixed landing pads. The tail flats are high-mounted on the body and equally tapered. The fin is equally tapered.


Country of Origin China
Builder Xian
RoleMultirole, reconnaissance, surveillance and target
Similar AircraftMK-105 Flash. Predator
Wing Span 14 ft, 10 in (4.30 m)
Length 10 ft, 8 in (3.32 m)
Maximum speed
Cruising speed
Service Ceiling
Armament None
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