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Commander, Naval Base (COMNAVBASE)
Commander, U.S. Naval Activities (COMNAVACT)

Regional Area Coordinators provide policy guidance and assistance on a wide range of matters including legal, uniforms, casualty affairs assistance, community relations, consolidated civilian personnel support, ground defense coordination, and non-combatant evacuation planning and coordination.

The Naval Base Commander serves as Navy regional coordinator, setting policy and providing the leadership and continuity necessary to sustain the combat-ready force, leading the combined efforts of commands and activities which support operational fleet units. As a subordinate of the Commander in Chief, US Atlantic Fleet and US Pacific Fleet, COMNAVBASE Jacksonville serves as the Immediate Superior in Command of operational and five support commands. The Commander also serves as the Navy’s Regional Planning Agent, Regional Environmental and Public Affairs Coordinator and the US Environmental Protection Agency liaison, as well as the Casualty Assistance Calls Officer.

Navy Region Southwest, formerly Commander Naval Base San Diego, is the model for the Navy’s future shore establishment structure. Gone are the days of independent organizations running their own "Fort Apaches," each spending money on common Base Operating Support (BOS) services. Among many others, BOS services include Base Security, Environmental and Property Management. The new name -- Naval Region Southwest-- is appropriate as its footprint now extends well beyond the traditional San Diego County line which once defined its purview. Today, air and naval stations throughout California and Nevada are part of the family that makes up the Commander Naval Base San Diego.

Commander, U.S. Naval Activities, United Kingdom is an echelon three command subordinate to the Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe. As the regional area coordinator for the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, COMNAVACTUK also exercises command over Naval Air Facility, Mildenhall, Navy Exchange, United Kingdom, U.S. Naval Medical Clinics, United Kingdom; and the Marine Corps Security Force Company, London.

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