Release # 99-028

April 6, 1999

Unit Designation of Two New U.S. Army Active Component/Army National Guard Integrated Divisions

The Department of the Army announced today the designations of two Active Component/Army National Guard integrated division headquarters to be activated in October 1999. The 7th Infantry Division will be located at Fort Carson, Colo., and the 24th Infantry Division will be at Fort Riley, Kan., with a forward element at Fort Jackson, S.C. Both divisions had Army National Guard affiliations in the past.

Both of these divisions will be commanded by an active component Major General and will be comprised of three Army National Guard enhanced separate brigades. The Army National Guard enhanced separate brigades are the primary Reserve Component ground combat maneuver forces of the U.S. Army.

The term "enhanced" refers to increased resources and manning priorities with the improved training strategies during pre-mobilization that ensures their ability to be ready to deploy by 90 days after call up. The brigades will be organized, equipped and sustained to be doctrinally employable, command and control compatible, and logistically supportable by any U.S. Army corps or division.

The 7th Infantry Division was last organized as a light infantry division and was inactivated at Fort Ord, Calif. in 1994. When reactivated it will consist of the 41st Infantry Brigade, Ore., the 45th Infantry Brigade, Okla., and the 39th Infantry Brigade, Ark.

The 24th Infantry Division was inactivated at Fort Stewart, Ga. in 1996 when the Army reduced to 10 divisions. When reactivated it will consist of the 30th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), N.C., the 218th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), S.C., and the 48th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized), Ga.

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