February 17, 1999

Army Announces Strike Force Plans

Gen. Dennis J. Reimer, Army Chief of Staff, announced today the Army's commitment to modernization and readiness with the ongoing development of the Strike Force.

Strike Force, with about 5,000 soldiers, will have the ability to deploy, almost immediately, a lethal modular force, tailored to operational requirements, and able to sustain itself and survive until mission completion or follow on forces arrive. The Strike Force is an Army concept, which is designed to fill a recognized void in capabilities available to the Commanders in Chief of the Unified Combatant Commands and the National Command Authority.

Strike Force is a part of an ongoing Army experimental process to prepare combat and combat support organizations for future multi-functional operations as part of a rapidly deployable, flexible and adaptive early entry force.

This experimental process began several years ago as a result of the changing international security environment and subsequent downsizing of the Army.

The evolving structure of Strike Force is intended to complement current light and heavy force capabilities. It will serve as a bridge between the physical agility of the Army and the mental agility inherent in the Army After Next.

The first Strike Force will be created within the year at Fort Polk, La. It is expected to be operational by 2003.

For more information on the Strike Force contact Training and Doctrine Command Public Affairs at 757-727-4465.