DRAFT 02 June, 1999

Corps Tasks, Manning and Functions

This web site serves to solicit feedback from army corps to collected detailed descriptions of the UJTL, AUTL, manning, coordinating actions and functions a corps headquarters performs as an operational and tactical headquarters.  The intended end state is a resource all corps staffs can access that fully describes a master menu of all billets, functions and tasks every corps staff element may perform at the tactical or operational level as a tactical corps, ARFOR, JFLCC or JTF headquarters structure.

To provide feedback go to the page that describes the staff element of interest, review that material and use the e-mail link on that page to send modifications, additions or changes to the author.

Primary references for current and Corps XXI EAC structure are: 18 November 1998 Corps XXI Operations and Organization Concept Paper; Joint Publication 5-00.2; European Directive 55-11; Corps Design and Analysis workshops developed from the How To Fight seminars at Ft Leavenworth; CJCSM 3500.05, JTF MTP; JTF HQ SOP; various JEL documents; ALSA; JTASS and many other sources covering joint organizations and operational warfare.

Use the links below to begin your review.

Corps as a Warfighting Headquarters
Corps Operations and Organizational Concept



SOURCE - Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate