V Corps Initiates Streamlining Divisions
By Capt. Martin Downie, Headquarters V Corps, Public Affairs Office


Heidelberg, GERMANY - In the wake of its 80th anniversary celebration, V Corps will begin streamlining its heavy divisions starting with the 1st Infantry Division in Fiscal Year 1999.

This crucial first step has been aptly named the "Limited Conversion Division XXI". It will call for V Corps to complete conversion of the 1st Infantry Division in FY99, followed by 1st Armored Division in FY00. This reorganization will lead toward the new Force XXI heavy division design in the 'Army After Next' which is final phase of the transition.

According to V Corps Commanding General Lt. Gen. John W. Hendrix, 1st Infantry Division will be the first in the Army to make the changes.

"The Limited Conversion Division XXI design is the result of thorough study and analysis by the Army's threat and force design experts. They looked into the future, examined the threat and future operational environment as best they could project it, and constructed a heavy division design that most effectively met the requirements," said Lt. Gen. Hendrix.

The following changes will be tailored to meet the challenges of the next century and beyond:

  • Addition of a brigade reconnaissance troop to each infantry and armor brigade
  • Addition of one infantry squad to each platoon (to three squads of nine soldiers)
  • Addition of nine Multiple Launch Rocket System launchers to division artillery
  • Reorganization of Infantry and Armor Battalions from four maneuver companies to three.
  • Reorganization of Infantry and Armor Battalion Mortar Platoons from six mortars to four mortars

"The Limited Conversion Division Div XXI is slightly smaller, but we gain a significant amount of combat power overall. Our infantry platoons, which presently have only two nine-man squads, will be enlarged to three nine-man squads to eliminate the shortage of dismounted infantry we have experienced since fielding the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

"We also get a dramatic increase in the amount of long range fires for the division with a battalion, instead of a battery of MLRS. Each brigade gets a brigade reconnaissance troop, a long known shortfall in combat capability in our present design. The examples are all gains in combat power for Limited Conversion Division XXI," said Lt. Gen. Hendrix.

Within the LCD XXI, the welfare of soldiers and their family members has not been forgotten. The re-stationing of soldiers and families will be kept to a minimum and the majority of soldiers and their families will remain unaffected. Approximately 40 personnel will move from Babenhausen to Bamberg in order to realign the 1-27 Field Artillery (V Corps Artillery).

"The corps leadership is committed to caring for soldiers and their family members. Soldiers with families will not be moved until the summer when schools take their normal summer break," said Lt. Gen. Hendrix.

V Corps will continually evolve to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century. The Limited Conversion Division XXI force design is a crucial stepping stone toward providing the best force for the future.

"Our equipment is the best in the world and we gain a lot in the areas of deployability and agility with this new design. Until the new equipment comes on board, American forces will continue to be trained and equipped to handle virtually any mission."