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Company-sized units are normally commanded by Captains. They consist of two or more platoons, usually of the same type, a headquarters, and, in some cases, a limited self-support capability. Companies are the basic elements of all battalions. They are also assigned as separate units of brigades and larger organizations (for example, the brigade or division Headquarters Company). All close combat companies can fight massed or by separate platoons.

In infantry, armor, and attack helicopter battalions, companies normally fight as integral units. Attack helicopter companies more frequently fight with their platoons in separate zones, sectors, or areas. Company-sized close combat units are capable of fighting without additional reinforcements but they are normally augmented with such units as short-range air defense (or SHORAD) teams. They may also be reinforced with maneuver platoons of the same or different types and with engineer squads or platoons to form company teams. The formation of company teams allows tailoring forces for a particular mission.

Combat engineer companies control three or four engineer platoons. They may be employed by their own battalion in a variety of tasks or they may support maneuver brigades or battalions. Separate brigades and regiments usually have an assigned combat engineer company. Most other combat support and combat service support units are formed as companies.

The Assault Helicopter Company (AHC) is a unit of the Aviation Brigade which is common to all heavy and light active divisions throughout the Army. The primary organic air mover of the division with 18 UH-60s, it consists of a HQs section, an aviation maintenance platoon, a flight operations section and three UH-60 flight platoons. The Command Aviation Company(CAC) provides C2, special electronic mission aircraft (SEMA) and field artillery observers for the division.

Separate Engineer Companies -- Separate engineer companies in the force structure are designed to provide additional specialized support in areas such as bridging, equipment support, port construction, pipeline construction, mapping and terrain analysis.

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