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Normally, the senior tactical headquarters of the Army in the field will be the Corps. However, under certain circumstances, a tactical headquarters may be required above the corps. Such circumstances might include the commitment of a sizable number of corps on a large land mass, wide dispersion of forces, or instances where political or geographical conditions dictate wide variation in the nature of operational functions leaving responsibility for logistics, administration, and area control in the hands of the theater Army commander.

The Commanding General, United States Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), commands the numbered CONUS Armies (FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH, and SIXTH), which (with the exception of Third Army) manage Reserve Component affairs within their specific geographic areas, and the major combat, combat support, and combat service support troop units in CONUS and Puerto Rico. He has command responsibility for the units related to readiness and defense missions. FORSCOM has command readiness responsibility for the bulk of the deployable Army troop units in CONUS. He commands the Army Reserve, establishes training criteria, and supervises the training of the Army National Guard.


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