AAP Army ammunition plant

ACC Air Combat Command

ACE Air Combat Element

ACCS Army command and control system

ACO Administrative Contracting Officer

ACOM US Army Atlantic Command

ADP automatic data processing

ADPE automatic data processing equipment

ADPU automatic data processing unit

AFB Air Force Base

AG Adjutant General

AGR Active Guard Reserve

AJBPO Area Joint Blood Program Office

ALD available-to-load date

ALOC air lines of communication

AMC US Army Materiel Command

AMEDD Army Medical Department

AMEDDC&S US Army Medical Department Center and School

AMO Automation Management Office

AMSAA US Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity

AO area of operations

APOD aerial port of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

AR Army regulation

ARFOR Army forces

ARL US Army Research Laboratory

ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces

ASB aviation support battalion

ASBPO Armed Services Blood Program Office

ASCC Army Service Component Command(er)

ASG area support group

ASMB area support medical battalion

ASMC area support medical company

ATCOM US Army Aviation and Troop Command

AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network

AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance

AVUM aviation unit maintenance

AWR Army war reserve

AWRPS Army war reserve pre-positioned sets

AXP ambulance exchange point


BEEF Base Emergency Engineering Force

bn battalion

BSA brigade support area

BSB base support battalion

BSSG brigade service support group

BSU blood supply unit

BTC blood transshipment center


C2 command and control

C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence

C&RS calibration and repair support

CA civil affairs

CAGE commercial and government entity

CAS contract administration services

CBDCOM US Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command

CD compact disk

CD ROM CD read-only memory

CECOM US Army Communications-Electronics Command

CENTCOM US Army Central Command

CFO Chief Financial Officer

CGSC U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

CHPPM US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine

CHS combat health support

CIMM commodity-integrated materiel manager

CINC commander in chief

CIO Chief Information Officer

CLF combat logistics force

CLPSB CINC, Logistic Procurement Support Board

CMO civil-military operations

CNO Chief of Naval Operations

co company

COCOM combatant command(er)

COMMZ communications zone

COMSEC communications security

CONUS continental United States

CORE Contingency Response (Program)

COSCOM corps support command

CP command post

CPX command post exercise

CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet

CS combat support

CSB corps support battalion

CSC combat stress control

CSG corps support group

CSS combat service support

CSSE combat service support element

CTB Clothing and Textile Branch

CZ combat zone

DA Department of the Army

DAMMS-R DA Movement Management System—Revised

DASC DLA Administration Support Center

DCMC Defense Contract Management Command

DCMD-I Defense Contracting Management District, International

DCS Defense Courier Service

DCSENG Deputy Chief of Staff for Engineers

DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans

DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel

DCSRM Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management

DENCOM US Army Dental Command

DENTAC dental activity

DFSA designated finance support activity

DFSC Defense Fuel Supply Center

DIS Distributed Interactive Simulation

DISC Defense Industrial Supply Center

DISCOM division support command

DLA Defense Logistics Agency

DLSC Defense Logistics Services Center

DMC distribution management center

DOA days of ammunition

DOD Department of Defense

DOS days of supply

DOT Department of Transportation

DPSC Defense Personnel Support Center

DRMS Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service

DS direct support

DSA division support area

DSCC Defense Supply Center, Columbus (Ohio)

DSCR Defense Supply Center, Richmond (Virginia)

DSM direct support maintenance

DTO division transportation office


EAC echelons above corps

ENCOM engineer command

EODCT explosive ordnance disposal control team

EPW enemy prisoner of war

EUCOM US European Command

EUSA Eighth US Army


FB finance battalion

FEDLOG federal logistics data (on CD ROM)

FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency

FG finance group

FH field hospital

FINCOM finance command

fld field

FLIS Federal Logistics Information System

FLOT forward line of own troops

FM field manual

FMS foreign military sales

FN foreign nation

FNS foreign nation support

FORSCOM US Army Forces Command

FSS Federal Supply Service

FSSG Force Service Support Group

FST forward surgical team

FTS 2000 Federal Telecommunications System 2000

FTX field training exercise

fwd forward

FY fiscal year


GCCS Global Command and Control System

GH general hospital

GP general purpose

GS general support

GSA General Services Administration

GSM general support maintenance

GTN Global Transportation Network


HHC headquarters and headquarters company

HN host nation

HNS host nation support

HQ headquarters

HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army


IAW in accordance with

ICP inventory control point

IOC US Army Industrial Operations Command

IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

ISSA Interservice Support Agreement


JBPO Joint Blood Program Office

JCMEB Joint Civil-Military Engineering Board

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff

JFUB Joint Facilities Utilization Board

JICTRANS Joint Intelligence Center, US Transportation Command

JMC Joint Movement Center

JMPAB Joint Materiel Priorities and Allocation Board

JOPES Joint Operation Planning and Execution System

JPO Joint Petroleum Office

JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan

JTB Joint Transportation Board


LAO Logistic Assistance Office

LAP Logistic Assistance Program

LOC lines of communication

LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program

LOGEEI logistics essential elements of information

LOGRUN Logistics Remote Users' Network

LOGSA Logistics Support Activity (AMC)

LOTS logistics-over-the-shore operations

LPT logistics preparation of the theater

LSE logistics support element


MACOM major army command

MAGTF Marine Air-Ground Task Force

MALS Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron

MAW Marine Aircraft Wing

MCC movement control center

MCT movement control team

MDEP Management Decision Package

MEB Marine expeditionary brigade

MEDASM medical assemblage management

MEDCEN medical center

MEDCOM medical command (theater army)

MEDDAC medical department activity

MEDLOG medical logistics

MEDMNT medical maintenance

MEDPAR medical patient accounting and reporting

MEDPAR-CC medical patient accounting and reporting—command and control

MEDREG medical regulating

MEDSUP medical supply

MEF Marine expeditionary force

METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available

MEU Marine expeditionary unit

MHE materials handling equipment

MICOM US Army Missile Command

MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures

MILSTRIP Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures

MLMC medical logistics management center

MMC materiel management center

MOOTW military operations other than war

MP military police

MRMC US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

MSC major subordinate command

MSR main supply route

MTF medical treatment facility

MTMC Military Traffic Management Command

MTOE modified tables of organization and equipment

MWSS Marine Wing Support Squadron


NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical

NCA National Command Authorities

NDMS National Disaster Medical System

NDTA National Defense Transportation Association

NLT not later than

NRDEC Natick Research, Development, and Engineering Center

NSN national stock number


OCONUS outside continental United States

OGP Office of Governmentwide Policy

OPCON operational control

OPLAN operation plan

ORF operational readiness float


PA public affairs

PACOM US Army Pacific Command

PAO public affairs officer

PBS Public Building Service

PERSCOM personnel command

plt platoon

PM program manager

PM-Soldier Project Manager-Soldier

POC point of contact

POD port of debarkation

POE port of embarkation

POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants

PSS personnel service support

PWRMS pre-positioned war reserve materiel stocks


RC Reserve components

RED HORSE Rapid Engineer Deployable, Heavy Operations Repair Squadron—Engineer

RIBS Readiness in Base Services

RMC regional medical command

ROM rough order of magnitude

RPMA real property maintenance activity

RRF Ready Reserve Force

RSI rationalization, standardization, interoperability

RSOI reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

RTD return to duty

RTOC rear tactical operations center

RX reparable exchange


S&S supply and service

SA Secretary of the Army

SEALOC sea lines of communication

SEASTRAT Strategic Sealift Analysis System

SFGM ship file generation and maintenance

SJA Staff Judge Advocate

SME subject matter expert

SOF special operations forces

SOFA Status of Forces Agreement

SOUTHCOM US Army Southern Command

SOW statement of work

SPOD seaports of debarkation

SPOE seaport of embarkation

spt support

SRA separate reporting activity

SRC standard requirements code

SSCOM US Army Soldier Systems Command

SSG Service Support Group

ST student text

STANAG Standardization Agreement

STRADS Strategic Deployment System (MTMC)

STRICOM US Army Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command

SUPCOM support command

SWA Southwest Asia


TA theater army

TAA tactical assembly area

TAACOM theater army area command

TACOM US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command

TALSM theater army logistic system manager

TAMCA theater army movement control agency

TAMMC theater army materiel management center

TAMMIS Theater Army Medical Management Information System

TASOSC Theater Army Special Operations Support Command

TCC transportation component command

TDA tables of distribution and allowances

TECOM US Army Test and Evaluation Command

TMDE test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment

TMMMC theater medical materiel management center

TOE tables of organization and equipment

TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data

TPFDL time-phased force deployment list

TPMC theater personnel management center

TPMRC theater patient movement requirement center

TRADOC US Army Training and Doctrine Command

TRANSCOM transportation command (theater army)

TSC theater support command

TSG The Surgeon General


UMT unit ministry team

UN United Nations

USACE US Army Corps of Engineers

USAF US Air Force

USAMEDCOM US Army Medical Command

USAMMA US Army Medical Materiel Agency

USAR US Army Reserve

USAREUR US Army, Europe

USARPAC USArmy, Pacific

USARSO US Army Forces Southern Command

USASAC US Army Security Assistance Command

USCINCTRANS Commander in Chief, US Transportation Command

USTA PERSCOM US Total Army Personnel Command

USTRANSCOM US Transportation Command


VA Department of Veterans Affairs

VETCOM US Army Veterinary Command


WIMM weapons-integrated materiel manager

WIN Warfighter Information Network

WRMS war reserve materiel stocks