Approximate Terrain Requirements of Representative CSS Units

 Unit                                Requirements   Special Requirements


GS Ammo Co (MOADS) (CSA) 5000 x 8000 Near MSR, defensible

DS Ammo Co (MOADS) (ASP) 2000 x 3600 Near MSR, defensible

DS Ammo Co (MOADS) (ATP) 1000 x 1000 Near MSR, defensible

Petroleum Supply Co 1600 x 900 Near MSR, hard- surface roads, level terrain, good drainage

Mortuary Affairs Co 700 x 400 Water supply, good drainage

Repair Parts Supply Co 450 x 1000 Near MSR

Heavy Materiel Supply Co 1500 x 1000 Hard-surface roads

DS Maint Co, Nondiv 800 x 900 Near MSR

Trans Hvy Truck Co 500 x 600 Improved roads

Trans Mdm Truck Co 400 x 500 Hard-surface roads

Trans Light Truck Co 250 x 300 Trafficable roads

Trans Light/Mdm Truck Co 350 x 450 Trafficable roads

Trailer Transfer Point Team 100 x 100 Hard-surface roads

AVIM Co 400 x 300 Near airfield

ASB 800 x 800 Near airfield

MASH 250 x 150 Near MSR, good drainage, helipad

CSH 350 x 350 Same as MASH

BSA (includes FSB, three battalion 3000 x 4000 Cover and concealment, field trains, and brigade slice defensible, hard-surface roads elements operating defensible, hard-surface within the BSA) roads

DSA (includes MSB, DISCOM HQ, and 7000 x 7000 Near airfield, near division rear division read command post command post MSR, hard-surface roads

*This is intended only as a guide. Actual requirements depend on terrain and the enemy.