AA assembly area
AAFES Army and Air Force Exchange Service
ACR armored cavalry regiment
ADA air defense artillery
ADAM area denial artillery munition
AG adjutant general
AHB attack helicopter battalion
ALOC air lines of communication
AMC aircraft maintenance company
AMCO aviation maintenance company
AMEDD Army Medical Department
AOE Army of Excellence
AP armor-piercing
APC armored personnel carrier
APDS-T armor-piercing discarding sabot--tracer
APERS antipersonnel
APFSDS-T armor-piercing, fin-stabilized, discarding sabot--tracer
API armor-piercing incendiary
APOD aerial port of debarkation
AR armor
ASB aviation support battalion (division)
ASL authorized stockage list
ASMB area support medical battalion
ASMC area support medical company
ASP ammunition supply point
AT antitank
ATCOM Aviation Troop Command
ATGM antitank guided missile
ATLAS all-terrain lifter articulated system
ATP ammunition transfer point
aug augmentation
AVIM aviation intermediate maintenance
AVUM aviation unit maintenance
AXP ambulance exchange point

B/B breakbulk
BCC battlefield circulation control
BDAR battle damage assessment and repair
BDO battle dress overgarment
BFV Bradley fighting vehicle
BMSO Brigade Medical Supply Office
bn battalion
BOS battlefield operating system
BSA brigade support area
btry battery

C2SRS command and control strength reporting system
CA civil affairs
CAB combat aviation brigade
CAC combat aviation company
CAS close air support
CASCOM US Army Combined Arms Support Command
CCL combat-configured load
CDE chemical defense equipment
CE communications-electronics
CEV combat engineer vehicle
CFV combat fighting vehicle
chg charge
CHS combat health support
CI civilian internees
CLGP cannon-launched guided projectile
CMCC corps movement control center
CMMC corps materiel management center
CMO civil-military operations
CMOC civil-military operations center
COA course of action
CofS chief of staff
COMMZ communications zone
COMSEC communications security
CONEX container express
COSCOM corps support command
CP check point
CPHD Copperhead
CSA corps storage area
CSB corps support battalion
CSC combat stress control
CSG corps support group
CSH combat support hospital
CSOP combat standing operating procedures
CSR controlled supply rate
CSS combat service support
CTG cartridge
CUCV commercial utility combat vehicle

DA Department of the Army
DAG division artillery group (enemy)
DAO division ammunition officer; Division Ammunition Office
DAS3 Decentralized Automated Service Support System
DISCOM division support command
div division
DIVARTY division artillery
DMMC division materiel management center
DMOC division medical operation center
DMSO Division Medical Supply Office
DNBI disease and nonbattle injuries Department of Defense
DOS days of supply
DPICM dual-purpose improved conventional munition
DS direct support
DSA division support area
DTO division transportation officer

EA engagement area
EAC echelons above corps
EMS emergency medical service
EMT emergency medical treatment
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EODCT explosive ordnance disposal control team
EPW enemy prisoner of war
EXTAL extra time allowance

F&E fuel and electronic
FA field artillery
FAAR forward area alerting radar
FARE forward area refueling equipment
FARP forward arming and refueling point
FASCAM family of scatterable mines
FAWPSS forward area water point supply system
FB finance battalion
FC finance command
FD finance detachment
FG finance group
FINCOM finance command
FL forklift
FM field manual
FSB forward support battalion
FSMC forward support medical company
FSSP fuel system supply point
fwd forward
fz fuze

GB green bag
GMD gallons per man per day
gp group
GP general purpose
GPH gallons per hour
GPM gallons per minute
GS general support
GSE ground support equipment

HC hexachloroethane zinc
HCP health and comfort pack
HE high explosive
HEAT high-explosive antitank
HEDP high-explosive dual-purpose
HEI high-explosive incendiary
HEIT high-explosive incendiary--tracer
HEMAT heavy expanded, mobility, ammunition trailer
HEMTT heavy expanded mobility tactical truck
HEP high-explosive plastic
HERA high-explosive, rocket-assisted
HET heavy-equipment transporter
HHC headquarters and headquarters company
HHD headquarters and headquarters detachment
HHT headquarters and headquarters troop
HMMWV high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HOGE hover out of ground effect
how howitzer
HQ headquarters
HSC headquarters and supply company
HUB hospital unit base
HUS hospital unit surgical
HUSF hospital unit, surgical, forward
HUSM hospital unit, surgical, main
hvy heavy

IAW in accordance with
ICE individual chemical equipment
ICM improved conventional missile
ICP incremental change package
IDA Institute of Defense Analysis
IFV infantry fighting vehicle
IG inspector general
IR infrared
ISO International Standards Organization
ITV improved TOW vehicle

JA judge advocate

KIA killed in action
km kilometer
KMPH kilometers per hour
kw kilowatt

LC load center
LCMS land combat missile system
LCSS land combat support system
LID light infantry division
LKD linked
LMTV light medium tactical vehicle
LNO liaison officer
LOC lines of communication
LOTS logistics-over-the-shore operations
LP/C launch platform container
LRP long-range reconnaissance pack
LSA logistic support area

MA mortuary affairs
MACOM major Army command
maint maintenance
MANPADS Man-Portable Air Defense System
MASF mobile aeromedical staging facility
MASH mobile army surgical hospital
MCT movement control team
MCTNS man-portable common thermal night sight
mdm medium
mech mechanized
MEDCOM medical command
MEDEVAC medical evacuation
MEF Marine Expeditionary Force
METT-T mission, enemy, terrain, troops, and time available
MHE materials handling equipment
MI military intelligence
MIA missing in action
MICLIC mine-clearing line charge
MILSTAMP Military Standard Transportation and Movement
MILVAN military-owned demountable container
MLRS multiple-launch rocket system
MMC materiel management center
MOADS maneuver-oriented ammunition distribution system
MOGAS motor gasoline
MOPP mission-oriented protection posture
MOS military occupational specialty
MP military police
MPAD mobile public affairs detachment
MPH miles per hour
MPSM multipurpose submunition
MRC-E major regional conflict--east
MRC-W major regional conflict--west
MRE meals, ready to eat
MSB main support battalion
MSBMC main support battalion medical company
MSC major subordinate command
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSF mobile strike force
MSR main supply route
MST maintenance support team
MTOE modified table of organization and equipment
MTSQ mechanical time, superquick
MTV medium tactical vehicle
MUs march units

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NDI nondestructive inspection
NEA Northeast Asia
NEO noncombatant evacuation order
NMC not mission-capable

obj objective
O/O on order
OPLAN operation plan
OPLOGPLN operations logistics planner
OPORD operation order
op(s) operating/operation(s)
opt optometry
OPTEMPO operating tempo

PAC Personnel and Administration Center
PAO public affairs office
PASR personnel accounting and strength reporting
PAX passengers
PD point designating; personnel detachment
PERSCOM personnel command
petrl petroleum
PG personnel group
pl pipeline
PL phase line
PLL prescribed load list
PLS palletized loading system
PM preventive medicine
PMC Personnel Management Center
PMD pounds per man per day
POL petroleum, oils, and lubricants
PPL petroleum pipeline
prop propelling
prox proximity
PSB personnel services battalion
PSR personnel status report
PST pass times

QA quality assurance
QC quality control
QM quartermaster
QSS quick supply store
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement ration/cold weather

RAMMS remote antiarmor mine system
RAOC rear area operations center
RAP rocket-assisted projectile
RB red bag
regt regiment
rkt rocket
ROM refuel on the move
ROWPU reverse osmosis water purification unit
RP release point
RSA regimental support area
RSR required supply rate
RSS regimental support squadron
RSSP ration supplement sundries pack
RT rough terrain
RTCC rough-terrain container crane
RTD returned to duty
RTFL rough-terrain forklift
RX reparable exchange

S&P stake and platform
S&S supply and service
SARSS-1 Standard Army Retail Supply System
SATCOM satellite communications
SAW squad automatic weapon
SB supply bulletin
sep separate
SFV Stinger fighting vehicle
SHORAD short-range air defense
SIDPERS Standard Installation/Division Personnel System
SJA staff judge advocate
SLCR shower, laundry, and clothing repair
SMFT semitrailer-mounted fabric tank
SOP standing operating procedures
SP self-propelled; start point
SPOD seaport of debarkation
SRC standard requirement code
SRP soldier readiness processing
SRU shop replaceable unit
STANAG standardization agreement
STGR Stinger
STON short tons
SURE Supply Usage Requirements Estimator (Program)
SWA Southwest Asia

TA theater army
TAA tactical assembly area
TAACOM theater army area command
TACAIR tactical air
TACCS Tactical Army Combat Service Support (CSS) Computer System
TACFIRE tactical fire-direction system
TACSAT tactical satellite communications set
TADDS target alert data display set
TCF tactical combat force
TDA table(s) of distribution and allowances
TDIS time distance
TEMPER tent, expandable, modular, personnel
TF task force
TFE tactical field exchange
TLAT TOW, light antitank (bn)
tm team
TMC TOW motorized carrier
TMDE test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
tml terminal
TMT transportation motor transport
TOE tables of organization and equipment
TOW tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided
TPT tactical petroleum terminal
TRANSCOM transportation command
trmt treatment
TRP target reference point
TSA theater storage area
TSOP tactical standing operating procedures
TTP trailer transfer point
TTS transportation terminal service

UBL unit basic load
UDP unit defense pack
UGR unitized group rations
UMCP unit maintenance collection point
USTA PERSCOM US Total Army Personnel Command
USAF US Air Force
UXO unexploded ordnance

VPK vehicles per kilometer

w with
w/o without
WB white bag
whl wheeled
WHNS wartime host nation support
WIA wounded in action
WP white phosphorus
WSM weapon system manager
WSRO weapon system replacement operations

XO executive officer