Student Text (ST) 100-3 will help the CGSC student plan corps and below operations. It provides planning factors for selected battlefield operating systems (BOSs), including force structure, capabilities of systems, employment considerations, spatial and time requirements for systems, and communications requirements. The text is also designed to give a general overview of doctrine.

    Planning factors are a consideration of multipliers used to estimate the amount and type of effort involved in a contemplated operation. Planning factors are expressed as rates, ratios, or length of time. Planning factors may be increased or decreased based on the level of training. They are used to synchronize battlefield activities in time, space, and purpose.

    This ST will also serve as a quick reference for combat planners. It has been derived from the most current doctrinal literature available; however, this ST is for instructional purposes only.

    Unless the publication states otherwise, masculine pronouns do not refer exclusively to men.

    Reproduction of this ST, in whole or in part, is authorized.

    Any comments, additions, deletions, or modifications for the rewrite for the next academic year should be directed to one of the following:

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