News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan

F. Abbreviations

3D three dimensional
3rd GARD third–generation advanced rotor demonstration

AAN Army After Next
ABCS Army battle command system
AEC airborne electronic combat
AEFCS advanced electronics for future combat system
AI artificial intelligence
ARCAT advanced rotorcraft aeromechanics technologies
ASLP Army Strategic Logistics Plan
ASTMIS Army Science and Technology Management Information System
ATD advanced technology demonstration

BCID battlefield combat identification

C2 command and control
C3I command, control, communication, and intelligence
C3IEW command, control, communications, intelligence, and electronic warfare
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
CONUS continental United States
CSS close combat support

DBC digital battlefield communications
DoD Department of Defense

EEI essential elements of information

FCS future scout and cavalry system
FCSM future combat system mobility
FDR future digital radio

GPS global positioning system

HCI hydrocyanic acid

ICH improved cargo helicopter
IFF identification friend or foe
IHPTET integrated high–performance turbine engine technology
ILS integrated logistics support
IVES intravehicle electronic suite

JTAGG joint turbine advanced gas generator
JTR joint transport rotocraft
JV 2010 Joint Vision 2010

MBMMR multiband multimode radio
MOUT military operations in urban terrain
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBR mean time between replacements
MTTR mean time to repair
MVAUGV machine vision for autonomous unmanned ground vehicle

OCONUS outside continental United States
O&S operation and support
OBID on–board integrated diagnostic system

PEO Program Executive Office
PN precision navigation
POS/NAV position/navigation

R&D research and development
RTV rapid terrain visualization
RDT&E research, development, test and evaluation
RE range extension
RMA Revolution in Military Affairs
RML Revolution in Military Logistics
RPA rotorcraft pilot’s aircraft
RTV rapid terrain visualization
RWST rotor–wing structures technology

S&T science and technology
SATCOM satellite communications
SRO strategic research objectives
STAS subsystem technology for affordability and supportability

TMDE test measurement diagnostic equipment
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command

UGV unmanned ground vehicle
UV ultraviolet