News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan

D. Abbreviations

2D two dimensional
3D three dimensional

AI artifical intelligence
AMC Army Materiel Command
ANN artificial neural network
APGM advanced precision–guided munition
ARL Army Research Laboratory
ASTMP Army Science and Technology Master Plan
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
ATR automatic target recognition
AUTOVON Next–Generation Autonomous Navigation System

BC2 battlespace command and control
BD biological detector
BIDS Biological Integrated Detection System
BMD ballistic missile defense
BRP Basic Research Plan
BW biological warfare

C2 command and control
C3 command, control, and communications
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
C4I2 command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, and information
CASE computer–aided software enginerering
CB chemical and biological
CBD chemical and biological defense
CBDCOM Chemical and Biological Defense Command
CBW chemical and biological warfare
C–C carbon–carbon
CC&D camouflage, concealment, and deception
CdZnTe cadmium zine telluride
CECOM Communications–Electronics Command
CFD computational fluid dynamics
CGF computer–generated forces
CMC ceramic matrix composite
CMMS conceptual model of the mission space
COE center of excellence
COTS commercial off the shelf
CW chemical warfare

DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DE directed energy
DEA Data Exchange Agreement
decon decontamination
demil demilitarization
DEW directed–energy weapon
DIS distributed interactive simulation
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
DoD Department of Defense
DOE diffractive optical element
DSRC David Sarnoff Research Center
DTAP Defense Technology Area Plan
DTO Defense Technology Objective

EBF electronic battlefield
ECM electronic countermeasures
EFP explosively–formed projectile
EM electromagnetic
EME electromagnetic environment
EMP electromagnetic propulsion
EO electro–optic, electro–optical, electro–optics
ESM electronic support measure
ETC electrothermal chemical
EW electronic warfare

FADEC full authority digital engine control
FCT foreign comparative testing
FEL free electron laser
FLIR forward–looking infrared
FPA focal plane array
FSU former Soviet Union
FY fiscal year

GaAs gallium arsenide
GBps gigabit per second
GHz gigahertz
GPS global positioning system

HCI human–computer interface
HEP–90 Haupt Entgiftungs Platz–90
HgCdTe mercury cadmium telluride
HLA high–level architecture
HMD helmet–mounted display
HPC high–performance computing
HPM high–power microwave
HPRF high–power radio frequency
HSI human–system interfare

IACS International Armaments Cooperative Strategy
IDA Institute for Defense Analyses
IF infrared
IFF identification friend or foe
IMD information management and display
INS inertial navigation system
IPE integrated platform electronics
IR infrared
IRCM infrared countermeasures
ISO International Standardization Organization

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JTA Joint Technical Architecture
JWSTP Joint Warfighting Science and Technology Plan

kW kilowatt

LAN local area network
LIDAR light detection and ranging

M&S modeling and simulation
MANPRINT manpower and personnel integration
MDS magnet dynamic storage
MED multiple electric permanent magnet
MEMS microelectromechanical systems
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry
MMC metal matrix composite
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMW millimeter–wave
MOU memorandum of understanding
MPP massively parallel processing

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NBCRS Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Reconnaissance Systems
NBCW nuclear, biological, and chemicl warfare
NDE nondestructive evaluation
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLO nonlinear optics, nonlinear optical
NMR nuclear molecular resonance
Nordic Group Norway, Sweden, and Denmark

OEIC optoelectronic integrated circuit
OOTW operations other than war

PMC polymer matrix composite
POC point of contact
PPT personnel performance and training

R&D research and development
RCS radar cross section
RF radio frequency
ROK Republic of Korea
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RWC real–world computing

S&T science and technology
SAFF safing, arming, fuzing, and firing
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SAS Survivable Adaptive System
SEFT Research Institute for High–Energy Physics, Finland
Si silicon
SMART sensor mounted as moving threat
SOCM Special Operations Command
STANAG standard agreement

T&E test and evaluation
tera 1015
teraflops trillions of floating point operations per second (1015)
Ti titanium
TMD theater missile defense
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TTCP The Technical Cooperation Program

UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UBM Universitat der Bundeswehr Muchen, Germany
U.K. United Kingdom
UV ultraviolet
UWB ultra wideband
U.S. United States
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers

VMF variable message format
VR virtual reality
VRI virtual reality interface
VTOL vertical takeoff and landing

WMD weapons of mass destruction