News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan

Annex E
Global Technology Capabilities and Trends

This annex to the Army Science and Technology Master Plan contains the International Armaments Strategy. The strategy is significantly expanded in this revision. In addition to an update of the opportunities identified for technologies identified in Volume I, Chapter IV of the ASTMP, this annex also addresses long–term trends in basic research areas (Chapter V).

The Deputy Under Secretary of the Army for International Affairs has identified this annex as one of the key guidance documents for planning and initiating international cooperative programs. This revision represents the next step in evolving to meet this requirement and reflects many of the changes suggested by the international points of contact whose names and organizations are cited throughout this annex. Their contributions, both to this revision and to long–range planning for future directions, are gratefully acknowledged.

This annex was prepared under the Army Research Laboratory contract to Orion Enterprises, Incorporated, which was responsible for integrating and presenting information gathered from various Army organizations involved. Special recognition is appropriate for the work of the Institute for Defense Analyses for its analysis and preparation of the new Section C, "International Research Capabilities and Long–Term Opportunities," covering basic research, to Mr. Larry Beck (Army Materiel Command) and Mr. Stephen Cohn (Army Research Laboratory).

Questions and comments regarding international programs or this annex may be addressed to:

Mr. Stephen Cohn
Army Research Laboratory
2800 Powder Mill Road
Adelphi, MD 20783–1197
e–mail: [email protected]

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