News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan


21 CLW 21st century Land Warrior
2D two dimensional
3D three dimensional
3rd GARD third–generation advanced rotor demonstration
4D four dimensional
4thID 4th Infantry Division


A/D analog to digital
A2C2S Army airborne command and control system
AAAV advanced amphibious assault vehicle
AAE Army Acquisition Executive
AAN Army After Next
AAR after–action review
ABCS Army battle command system
ACAT acquisition category
ACE Army Corps of Engineers
ACOM Atlantic Command
ACPLA agent containing particles per liter of air
ACR advanced concept and requirements
ACT II Advanced Concepts and Technology II
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ACTS advanced communication technology satellite
ADAS air–deployable acoustic sensor
ADCSOPS(FD) Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations (Force Development)
ADS advanced distributed simulation
ADTP Army Technology Demonstration Plan
ADTT Army Domestic Technology Transfer
ADVOX advanced oxidation
AEC airborne electronic combat
AFAS Advanced Field Artillery System
AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AGCCS Army global command and control systems
AGES air/ground engagement simulation
AH automated howitzer
AHP advanced helicopter pilotage
AHPCRC Army High–Performance Computing Research Center
AI artificial intelligence
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIMS advanced integrated manportable system
AIN Army interoperability network
AIS autonomous intelligent submunition
AiTRAP aided target recognizer and processor
ALERT air/land enhanced reconnaissance and targeting
AllWx all weather
ALON aluminum oxynitride
ALTUS unmanned aerial vehicle
AMBL Air Maneuver Battle Laboratory
AMC Army Material Command
AMCOM Aviation and Missile Command
AMEDD C&S Army Medical Department Center and School
AMG Architecture Management Group
AMP Army Modernization Plan
AMRAAM advanced medium–range air–to–air missile
AMSAA Army Materiel Systems Analysis Agency
AMSEC Army Modeling and Simulation Executive Committee
AMSGOSC Army Model and Simulation General Officer Steering Committee
AMS–H advanced missile system—heavy
AMSO Army Modeling and Simulation Office
AMSUS Association of Military Surgeons of the United States
AMTEC alkali metal thermal–electric converter
AMUST airborne manned/unmanned system technology
ANSUR anthropometric survey
AOA angle of attack
AP active protection
APG Aberdeen Proving Ground
APOE aerial port of embarkation
APS active protective system
ARC Advanced Research Center; Ames Research Center; advanced rotor concepts
ARCAT advanced rotorcraft aeromechanics technologies
ARDEC Armaments Research, Development, and Engineering Center
ARI Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
ARL Army Research Laboratory
ARM antiradiation missile
ARNG Army National Guard
ARO Army Research Office
ART advanced rotorcraft transmission
ASA(RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development, and Acquisition)
ASAS all–source analysis system
ASB Army Science Board
ASBREM Armed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
ASE airborne survivability equipment
ASHPC advanced simulation and high–performance computing
ASM armored systems modernization
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASPO Army Space Program Office
ASRT autonomous scout rotorcraft testbed
ASSH aircraft system self–healing
ASSTC advanced surgical suite for trauma casualties
ASTAG Army Science and Technology Advisory Group
ASTIS Army Software Technology Investment Strategy
ASTMIS Army Science and Technology Management Information System
ASTMP Army Science and Technology Master Plan
ASTWG Army Science and Technology Working Group
ATA Army Technical Architecture
ATACMS Army tactical missile system
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATDMP Advanced Technology Demonstration Management Plan
ATG air to ground
ATGM antitank guided missile
ATGW antitank guided weapon
ATM asynchronous transfer mode; asynchronous transmission mode
ATN advanced tactical navigator
ATR automatic target recognition
AWE advanced warfighting experiment


B2C2 battalion and below command and control
B&P bid and proposal
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAS battlefield automated system
BAST Board on Army Science and Technology (National Research Council)
BAT brilliant antitank
BAWS biological aerosol warning system
BBS bulletin board service
BC2 battlespace command and control
BCDMA broadband code division multiple access
BCDSS battle command decision support system
BCID battlefield combat identification
BCIS battlefield combat identification system
BCNS behavioral, cognitive, and neural sciences
BCT brigade combat team
BCTP battle command training program
BDA battle damage assessment
BDE brigade
BDS battlefield distributed simulation
BDS–D battlefield distributed simulation—developmental
BES Budget Estimate Submission
BFA battlefield function area
BFM battlescale forecast model
BHAW brilliant helicopter advanced weapons
BIS battlespace information system
B–ISDN broadband integrated services digital network
BITS battlefield information transmission system
BL4 biosafety level 4
BLITCD Battle Laboratory Integration, Technology, and Concepts Directorate
BM battle management
BMAR backlog of maintenance and repair
BMC Battlefield Manufacturing Center
BMC4I battle management command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
BMD ballistic missile defense
BMDO Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
BOA battlefield ordnance awareness
BOD board of directors
BOM bit oriented message
BOS battlefield operating system
BRAC base realignment and closure
BRAT beyond line–of–sight reporting and tracking
BRDF bidirectional reflectance distribution function
BRP Basic Research Plan
BSFC brake specific fuel consumption
BSFV–E Bradley Stinger fighting vehicle—enhanced
BW biological warfare; bandwidth
BWCDK biological warfare agent confirmation diagnostic kit


C Centigrade
C2 command and control
C2I command, control, and intelligence
C2TL commercial communications technology testbed
C2V command and control vehicle
C2W command and control warfare
C3 command, control, and communications
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
C3IEW command, control, communications, intelligence, and electronic warfare
C4 command, control, communications, and computers
C4I command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence
cm centimeter
CAA Concepts Analysis Agency
CAAM computer–assisted artillery meteorological
CAC2 combined arms command and control
CAD computer–aided design
CAE computer–aided engineering
CAFT Center for Advanced Food Technology
CAGES common air/ground electronic combat suite
CAM computer–aided manufacturing; computer–aided modeling
CAPS counteractive projection system
CARC chemical agent resistant coating
CARS contingency airborne reconnaissance system
CATOX catalytic oxidation
CATS combined arms training strategy
CATT combined arms tactical trainer
CAV composite armored vehicle
CB chemical and biological
CBD chemical and biological defense
CBDCOM Chemical and Biological Defense Command
CBTDEV combat development
CBW chemical and biological warfare
CCAWS close combat antiarmor weapon system
CCD camouflage, concealment, and deception
CCS close combat support
CCTT close combat tactical trainer
CD counterdrug
CD–ROM compact disk—read–only memory
CDA commanders decision aid
CDMA code division multiple access
CE chemical energy
CECOM Communications–Electronics Command
CENTCOM Central Command
CEP circular error probable
CERDEC Communications–Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center
CERL Construction Engineering Research Laboratory
CFD computational fluid dynamics
CG commanding general
CGF computer–generated forces
CHLS combat health logistics system
CHPR Cooper Harper Pilot’s Rating
CHS combat health support
CI counterintelligence
CIFER comprehensive identification from frequency responses
CINC commander in chief
CKEM compact kinetic–energy missile
CM countermine; countermeasures
CMC/CC ceramic matrix composites/carbon composites
CMMS conceptual models of mission space
CMOS complementary metal oxide semi–conductor
CMRL counter multiple rocket launcher
CMTC Combat Maneuver Training Center
CNI communications, navigation, identification
CNR combat net radio
COA course of action
COBRA collection of broadcasts from remote assets
COC Council of Colonels
COE center of excellence; combat operating environment
COMINT communications intelligence
COMSEC communications security
CONOPS continuous operations
CONSCAN conical scan
CONUS continental United States
COTS commercial off the shelf
CP collective protection; command post
CPAR construction productivity advancement research
CRDA cooperative research and development agreement
CRREL Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
CS combat support
CS/TMBS crew station/turret motion base simulator
CSA Chief of Staff, Army
CSC combat stress control
CSRDF Crew–Station Research and Development Facility
CSS combat services support
CSSCS combat service support control systems
CTC combat training center
CTIN Counterdrug Technology Information Network
CW chemical warfare
CWAR continuous wave acquisition radar


D/NAPS day/night, adverse–weather pilotage system
dB decibel
decon decontamination
DA Department of the Army
DAMA demand assignment multiple access
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAPKL diode–array pumped kilowatt laser
DAS(R&T) Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology
DAS data acquisition segment
DB database
DBC digital battlefield communications
DBMS database management system
DBS direct broadcast satellite
DBSBL dismounted battlespace battle laboratories
DC distributed center
DCD director of combat developments
DCSCD Deputy Chief of Staff for Combat Developments
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSRDA Deputy Chief of Staff for Research, Development, and Acquisition
DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
DDL direct downlink
DDR&E Director, Defense Research and Engineering
DDS direct digital synthesizer
DE directed energy
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DEM/VAL demonstration and validation
DENS directed–energy neutralization system
DET dynamic environment and terrain
DEW directed–energy weapon
DF direction finder
DI&S design integration and supportability
DIL Digital Integrated Laboratory
DIS distributed interactive simulation, data integration segment
DISN distributed interactive simulation network
DLC diamond–like carbon
DMSO Defense Modeling and Simulation Office
DNA Defense Nuclear Agency
DNA deoxyribonucleic acid
DoD Department of Defense
DoE Department of Energy
DOE diffractive optical element
DOF degrees of freedom
DOJ Department of Justice
DRE ducted rocket engine
DREN Defense Research and Engineering Network
DS2 decontamination solution 2
DSA depth and simultaneous attack
DSB Defense Science Board
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSI defense simulation internet
DSP digital signal processor
DSSA domain–specific software architecture
DSTAG Defense Science and Technology Advisory Group
DSWA Defense Special Weapons Agency
DTAP Defense Technology Area Plan
DTED digital terrain elevation data
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTLOMS doctrine, training, leader development, organization, materiel, and soldier
DTO Defense Technology Objective
DTSS digital topographic support system
DU depleted uranium
DUAP Dual–Use Applications Program
DUSA(IA) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (International Affairs)
DUSA(OR) Deputy Under Secretary of the Army (Operations Research)
DUSD(AT) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Advanced Technology


EA electronic attack
EAD echelons above division
EADSIM extended air defense simulation
EADTB extended air defense testbed
EARC Electric Armaments Research Center
EBF electronic battlefield
ECCM electronic counter–countermeasures
ECM electronic countermeasures
ECOG Electronics Coordinating Group
ECP engineering change proposal
EEI essential elements of information
EELS early entry, lethality, and survivability
E–FOG enhanced fiber optic guided
EFOGM enhanced fiber optic guided missile
EFP explosively formed projectile
EHF extremely high frequency
ELINT electronic intelligence
EM electromagnetic
EMD engineering and manufacturing development
EME electromagnetic environment
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMW engineer and mine warfare
EO electro–optic; electro–optical
EOCM electro–optical countermeasures
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPP extended planning period
EPW enemy prisoner of war
ERA extended range artillery
ERDEC Edgewood Research, Development, and Engineering Center
ES electronic support
ESA electronic safe and arm
ESS electrostatic sensor
ET embedded training
ETC electrothermal–chemical
ETEC enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli
ETRAC enhanced tactical radar correlator
EUCOM European Command
EUT early user test
EV–II Eagle Vision II
EW electronic warfare
EXCIMS Executive Council for Modeling and Simulation
EXFOR experimental force


F Fahrenheit
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAAD forward area air defense
FACE forward aviation combat engineering
FAMSIM family of simulations
FARV future armored resupply vehicle
FBCB2 Force XXI battle command brigade and below
FCR fire control radar
FCS flight control system; future combat system; fire control system
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDDT forward deployable diagnostic test
FDR future digital radio
FFRDC federally funded research and development center
FI/LTL flame incendiary/less than lethal
FIR far infrared
FIV future infantry vehicle
FLIR forward–looking infrared
FLOT forward line of troops
FMTI future missile technology integration
FMTV family of medium tactical vehicles
FOC future operational capability
FOGM fiber optic guided missile
FOPEN foliage penetration
FORSCOM forces command
FOTT follow–on to TOW
FOV field of view
FPA focal plane array
FSAP full spectrum active protection
FSB forward support battalion
FSCS future scout and cavalry system
FTX field training exercise
FUE first unit equipped
FXXI LW Force XXI Land Warrior
FY fiscal year
FYDP Future–Years Defense Plan


g acceleration of gravity
gflops 109 floating point operations per second
G gravitational constant
G&C guidance and control
GaAs gallium arsenide
GaN gallium nitride
GaSb gallium antimony
GASCO generic algorithm for cockpit optimization
Gb gigabyte
GB Grenadier BRAT
GBCS ground–based common sensor
GBps gigabytes per second
GBR ground–based radar
GBS ground–based sensor
GCCS Global Command and Control System
GCS ground control station
GCSS Global Combat Support System
GHz gigahertz
GIF guidance integrated fuze
GIS geographic information system
GOTS government off the shelf
GPEN ground penetration
GPR ground penetrating radar
GPS global positioning system
GSD graphical situation display
GTG ground to ground
GVW gross vehicle weight
GW gross weight


Hz hertz
HACT helicopter active control technology
HBCU historically black colleges and universities
HCI hydrocynamic acid
HCTR high capacity trunk radio
HEAT high explosive antitank
HF high frequency
HIMARS high mobility rocket system
HITL hardware in the loop
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HLA high level architecture
HMD helmet–mounted display
HMGL high mobility ground launched
HMMWV high mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle
HMPT human factors, manpower, personnel, and training
HPC high–performance computing
HPM high power microwave
HPRF high power radio frequency
HRED Human Research and Engineering Directorate
HTI horizontal technology integration
HUMINT human intelligence
HV hypervelocity


I/O input/output
I2 image intensification
I2R imaging infrared
InP indium phosphide
Intel intelligence
IA international agreement
IAS integrated acoustic system
IATS international agreements tracking system
IBACS integrated battlefield area communications system
IBAD ion beam assisted deposition
IBM International Business Machines
IC integrated circuit
ICH improved cargo helicopter
ICM integrated countermeasures
ICPA International Cooperative Program Activity
ICT integrated concepts team
ID identification
ID&PE information display and performance enhancement
IDREN Interim Defense Research and Engineering Network
IEC Integration and Evaluation Center
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IEW intelligence and electronic warfare
IEWCS intelligence and electronic warfare countermeasures suite
IFF identification friend or foe
IFFC integrated fire and flight control
IFOG interferometric fiber–optic gyroscopes
IHPTET integration high performance turbine engine technology
IIT integrated idea team
ILIR in–house laboratory independent research
ILS integrated logistics support
IMETS integrated meteorological system
IMF intelligent minefield
IMINT imagery intelligence
IMO International Mathematical Olympiad
IMPACT integrated maintenance management prioritization analysis and coordination tool
IMPRINT integrated MANPRINT tools
IMU inertial measurement unit
INFOSEC information security
INS inertial navigation system
IOC2 information operations command and control
IP Internet protocol
IPB intelligence preparation of the battlefield
IPE integrated platform electronics
I–PORT individual soldier portable
IPPD integrated product and process development
IPT integrated product team
IR infrared
IR&D independent research and development
IRCM infrared countermeasures
IREMBASS Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
IRFPA infrared focal plane array
IS intelligent system
IS&T information science and technology
ISAR interferometric synthetic aperture radar
ISAT integrated sensors and targeting
ISDN integrated services digital network
ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair
ISR intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
ISS individual survivability and sustainability
IST information systems and technology
ISTD Information Sciences and Technology Directorate
ITEMS interactive tactical environment management system
IUSS integrated undersea surveillance system; individual unit soldier simulation
IW information warfare


J/S jamming/signal
JBPDS joint biological point detection system
JBREWS joint biological remote early warning system
JBUDS joint biological universal detection system
JCM joint conflict model
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander
JLINK Janus linked to DIS
JPMO Joint Program Management Office
JPO Joint Project Office
JPS joint precision strike
JPSD Joint Precision Strike Demonstration
JRTC Joint Readiness Training Center
JSAM joint service aviation mask
JSAWM joint service agent water monitor
JSCBD joint service chemical and biological decontaminants
JSGPM joint service general purpose mask
JSHS Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
JSLIST joint service lightweight integrated suit technology
JSNBCRS joint service nuclear, biological, and chemical reconnaissance system
JSSAMP Joint Service Small Arms Master Plan
JSWILD joint service warning and identification LIDAR detector
JTAGG joint turbine advanced gas generator
JTAGS joint tactical ground station
JTR joint transport rotorcraft
JVAP Joint Vaccine Acquisition Program
JWARN joint warning and reporting network
JWC joint warfighting capabilities
JWID Joint Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration
JWSTP Joint Warfighter Science and Technology Plan


kg kilogram
kj kilojoule
km kilometer
km/s kilometer per second
kw kilowatt
KE kinetic energy
KEW kinetic energy weapons
KMR Kwajalein Missile Range
L/V lethality/vulnerability


lb pound
Li lithium
LAD logistics anchor desk
LADAR laser radar
LAH lightweight automated howitzer
LAN local area network
LaRC Langley Research Center
LASERCOM laser communications
LCLO low cost, low observable
LCP liquid crystal polymer
LCPK low–cost precision kill
LCSEC life–cycle software engineering center
LeRC Lewis Research Center
LH light helicopter
LIC low–intensity conflict
LIDAR light detection and ranging
LIGHTSAT small lightweight satellite
LOAL lock on after launch
LOC line of communications
LOSAT line–of–sight antitank
LOTSOS logistics over–the–shore operational simulator
LPD low probability of detection
LPI low probability of interception
LQI Laboratory Quality Initiative
LRAS3 long–range advanced scout surveillance system
LRIP low rate initial production
LS line scanner
LSTAT life support for trauma and transport
LT2 light tactical operation center testbed
LW Land Warrior
LWIR long wave infrared


m/s meter per second
m meter
met meteorological
mm millimeter
M&R maintenance and repair
M&S modeling and simulation
MANPRINT manpower and personnel integration
MANTECH manufacturing technology
MASINT measurement and signal intelligence
MAT multimode airframe technology
MATDEV materiel developer
MATES manufacturing and tooling expert system
MBMMR multiband multimode radio
MBps million bytes per second
MCBDRP Medical Chemical and Biological Defense Research Program
MCS maneuver control system
MCT MOS controlled thyrister; mercury cadmium telluride
MD manufacturing demonstration
MDA Milestone Decision Authority
MDS modular design system
MECOG Mechanics Coordinating Group
MELIOS mini eye–safe laser infrared observation set
MEM microelectromechanics
MEMS microelectrochemical system
MEP mission equipment package
MERC mobility enhancing ration component
MERCURY (a model system of environmental hazards)
METT–T mission, enemy, troops, terrain, and time
MFC multinational force compatibility
MFOM MLRS family of submunitions
MFS3 multifunction staring sensor suite
MGR moving target indicator ground radar
MH/K mine hunter–killer
MHz megahertz
MI minority institution
MICOM Missile Command
MIDAS man–manchine integration design and analysis system
MILES multiple integrated laser engagement system
MJ megajoules
MLRS multiple launch rocket system
MLS multilevel security
MMIC monolithic microwave integrated circuit
MMS meteorological measuring set
MMW millimeter wave
MNS mission need statement
MOA memorandum of agreement
MOCVD metallo–organic chemical vapor deposition
ModSAF modular semiautomated forces
MOMBE metallo–organic molecular beam epitaxy
MOP measure of performance
MOS metal oxide semiconductor
MOU memorandum of understanding
MOUT military operations in urban terrain
MP&S materials, processes, and structures
MPM microwave power module
MRE meals, ready to eat
MRF Materials Research Facility
MRL multiple rocket launcher
MRMAAV multirole mission adaptable air vehicle
MRMC Medical Research & Materiel Command
MS mass spectrometry; milestone
MS&T manufacturing science and technology
MSBL Maneuver Support Battle Laboratory
MSC major subordinate command
MSCM multispectral countermeasures
MSE mobile subscriber equipment
MSEG&C multispectral environmental generator and chamber
MSIP multispectral imagery [system]; multistage improvement program
MSRC major shared resource center
MSTAR MLRS smart tactical rocket
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBR mean time between replacements
MTI moving target indicator
MTO Manufacturing Technology Objective
MTTC MANTECH Technical Council
MTTR mean time to repair
MULE modular unammned logistics express
MURI Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative


nm nanometer
NA nerve agent
NAC National Automotive Center
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NBC nuclear, biological, and chemical
NCA National Command Authority
NCO noncommissioned officer
NDE nondestructive evaluation
NDI nondevelopmental item
NEDT noise–equivalent delta temperature
NEOF no evidence of failure
NGLCSEC next–generation life–cycle software engineering center
NIR near infrared
N–ISDN narrowband integrated services digital network
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
NLO nonlinear optical
NMD national missile defense
NMRI Naval Medical Research Institute
NMRL Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
NMS National Military Strategy
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOE nap of the earth
NRDEC Natick Research, Development, and Engineering Center
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NRT near real time
NRTC National Rotorcraft Technology Center
NSA National Security Agency
NSC National Security Council
NSF National Science Foundation
NSTD nonsystem training device
NTAPS near–term active protection system
NTC National Training Center


O&M operation and maintenance
O&S operation and support
OASA(RDA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development and Acquisition)
OBIDS on–board integrated diagnostic systems
OCONUS outside the continental United States
OCR operational capability requirement
OCSW objective crew–served weapon
ODCSOPS Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
ODS ozone depleting substance
OICW objective individual combat weapon
OLTC open–loop tracking complex
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OOTW operations other than war
OPFOR opposing force
OPO optical parametric oscillator
OPTEC Operational Test and Evaluation Command
OPW objective personal weapon
ORD operational requirements document
ORTA Office of Research and Technology Applications
OS operating system
OSCR operating and support cost reduction
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSW objective sniper weapon
OT&E operational test and evaluation
OTM on the move


pH a value to express acidity and alkalinity
Ph probability of hit
Pi probability of incapacitation
Pkill probability of kill
ppm parts per million
P3I preplanned product improvement
PAC3 Patriot advanced capability
PATS protection assessment test system
PBX private branch exchange
PC personal computer
PCR polymerase chain reaction
PCS personal communication system
PDF probability density function
PDRR program definition and risk reduction
PEM programmable electronic module; proton exchange membrane
PEO Program Executive Office
petaflops 1015 floating point operations per second
PGMM precision–guided mortar munition
PIP product improvement program; product improvement proposal
P.L. Public Law
PLA patent license agreement
PLD pulsed laser deposition
PLIF planar laser–induced fluorescence
PM program manager
POM program objective memorandum
POS/NAV position/navigation
PPBES planning, programming, budgeting, and execution system
PPSB power projection and sustaining base
PP&T personnel performance and training
PQA petroleum quality analysis
PSA pressure swing adsorption
PVC polyvinyl chloride


QRMP quick–response multicolor printer
QW quantum well
QWIP quantum well infrared photodiode


R&D research and development
RACE rotorcraft air combat enhancement
RAM random access memory
RAMS remote activation munitions system
RAP radio access point
RASTR real aperture stationary target radar
RC Reserve component
RCS radar cross section
RD&E research, development, and engineering
RDA research, development, and acquisition
RDEC research, development, and engineering center
RDT&E research, development, test, and engineering
REAP Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
RF radio frequency
RFCM radio frequency countermeasure
RFP C2 rapid force projection command and control
RFPI rapid force projection initiative
RISTA reconnaissance infrared surveillance and target acquisition
RITA Rotorcraft Industry Technology Association
RML Revolution in Military Logistics
RPA rotorcraft pilot’s aircraft
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RSOP reconnaissance, selection, and occupation of position
RSTA reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition
R–T real time
RTM resin transfer molding; requirements translation model
RTSP reactive topical skin protectant
RTU remote terminal unit
RTV rapid terrain visualization
RWST rotary wing structures technology
RWSTD Rotary Wing Structures Technology Demonstration
RWV rotary wing vehicle


S&A safe and arm
S&PS survivability and protective structure
S&T science and technology
S&TF systems and technology forum
S/SU/AC system/system upgrade/advanced concept
Si silicon
SiC silicon carbide
SADARM sense and destroy armor
SAF semiautomated force
SAFOR semiautomated forces
SAL semiactive laser
SAM surface–to–air missile
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SARAP survivable, affordable, repairable airframe program
SARD Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development, and Acquisition)
SASO stability and support operations
SATCOM satellite communications
SBIR Small Business Innovation Research
SBIRS space–based infrared system
SC Simulation Center
SCAMP single–channel antijam man–portable
SCAPP standardized camouflage paint pattern
SCAPS site characterization and analysis penetrometer system
SCDMS structural crash dynamics modeling and simulation
SDF synthetic discriminant function
SEAD suppression of enemy air defense
SEAP Science and Engineering Apprentice Program
SEB staphylococcal enterotoxin
SEM science, engineering, and mathematics
SEM–E standard electronic module—format E
SEP soldier enhancement program
SER system evolution record
SERDP Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
SFREP Summer Faculty Research and Engineering Program
SGI Silicon Graphics Incorporated
SHF super high frequency
SHTU simplified handheld terminal unit
SICP single integrated command post
SIGINT signals intelligence
SIL system integration laboratory
SIMITAR simulation in training for advanced readiness
SIMNET simulation network
SINCGARS single–channel ground and airborne radio system
SIP system improvement program
SLAIR survivability/lethality advanced integration in rotorcraft
SLBD Sea Lite Beam Director
SLM spatial light modulator
SMART sensor mounted as roving thread
SMDBL Space and Missile Defense Battle Laboratory
SMDC Space and Missile Defense Command
SOA special operations aircraft
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOF Special Operations Forces
SOL structured query language
SPG Scientific Planning Group
SQL structured query language
SRO Strategic Research Objective
SSES suite of survivability enhancement systems
STAR Strategic Technologies for the Army of the 21st Century
STARLITE surveillance targeting and reconnaissance satellite
STARLOS SAR Target Recognition and Location System
STARS software technology for adaptable, reliable systems
STAS subsystems technology for affordability and supportability; short–term analysis service
STI stationary target indicator
STIRR subsystems technology for infrared reductions
STO Science and Technology Objective
STOW synthetic theater of war
STRATA simulator training research advanced testbed for aviation
STRICOM Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Command
STRV–2 space technology research vehicle
STTR Small Business Technology Transfer
SUO small unit operations
SUSOPS sustained operations


teraflops 1012 floating point operations per second
ti titanium
T&D transport and diffusion
T&E test and evaluation
TACOM Tank–Automotive and Armaments Command
TACSIM tactical simulations
TAD theater area defense
TADSS training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations
TARA Technology Area Review and Assessment
TARDEC Tank–Automotive Research, Development, and Engineering Center
TBM theater ballistic missile
TCG Technical Coordiation Group
TCP/IP transmission control protocol/Internet protocol
TD Technology Demonstration
TDA technology development approach
TEC Topographic Engineering Center
TECOM Test and Evaluation Command
TEED tactical end–to–end encryption device
TEG tactical exploitation group
TEMO training, exercise, and military operations
TENCAP tactical exploitation of national capabilities
TERM tank extended range munitions
TES tactical exploitation system
TESAR tactical synthetic array radar
THAAD theater high altitude area defense
TI tactical internet
TIBS tactical information broadcasting system
TIER unmanned aerial vehicle TIER II
TIS tactical input segment
TMD theater missile defense
TOC Tactical Operations Center
TOW tube–launched, optically tracked, and wire command–link guided [missile]
T.P. TRADOC pamphlet
TP thermoplastic
TPSO theater precision strike operations
TPV thermophotovoltaic
TRAC TRADOC Analysis Center
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command
TRE tactical receiver equipment
TSA temperture swing adsorption
TTP tactics, techniques, and procedures
TUAV tactical unmanned aerial vehicle
TWS thermal weapon sight
TWT traveling wave tube


UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UGV unmanned ground vehicle
UHF ultra high frequency
ULCANS–GP ultra–lightweight camouflage net system—general purpose
UMD University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
UNITE Uninitiaties Introduction to Engineering
UPAS unit performance assessment system
UPC unit production code
URI university research initiative
U.S. United States
USAAIC United States Army Artificial Intelligence Center
USAF United States Air Force
USAIS United States Army Infantry School
USAMRICD United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense
USAMRIID United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases
USARIEM United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine
USASMDC United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command
U.S.C. United States Code (publication)
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USFK U.S. Forces Korea
USMA United States Military Academy
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
UV ultraviolet
UWB ultra wideband
UWV unmanned wheeled vehicle
UXO unexploded ordnance


V&V verification and validation
VASTC Virtual Advanced Software Technology Consortium
VCSA Vice Chief of Staff of the Army
VCSEL vertical/cavity surface emitting laser
VE virtual environment
VEES vehicle engine exhaust smoke
VHDL VHSIC hardware descriptive language
VHF very high frequency
VHSIC very high speed integrated circuit
VMF variable message format
VMMD vehicular–mounted mine detector
VMS vehicle management system
VOC volatile organic compound
VR virtual reality
VSD virtual simulation directorate
VSIL vehicle systems integration laboratory
VTOL vertical take–off and landing
VV&A verification, validation, and accreditation
VX [chemical agent] VX


W watt
WAM wide area munition
WAN wide area network
WARSIM warfighter simulations
Web World Wide Web
WES Waterways Experiment Station
Wh watt hour
WIN warfighter information network
WIT wireless interworking testbed
WMD weapon of mass destruction
WP&S warrior protection and sustainment
WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
WRAP Warfighting Rapid Acquisition Program


YPG Yuma Proving Ground