News 1998 Army Science and Technology Master Plan


IV.D.03—Structural Crash Dynamics Modeling and Simulation.  Develop modeling and simulation tools that will enhance the potential for credibly developing and demonstrating compliance of aircraft systems with required crashworthiness design criteria. Additionally, the modeling and simulation codes will also be used in assessing crash impact conditions for Class A mishaps of current fielded aircraft through damage assessment. By FY98, develop modeling and simulation family of codes that can be used to optimize design for rotorcraft crashworthiness from system concept exploration/preliminary design stage through the air vehicle’s life cycle. The effort will include accurate modeling of the performance of composite structures and energy absorption components such as landing gear, seat attenuators, and cockpit airbags during the dynamics of a crash. By FY99, the prediction codes will be demonstrated and validated through laboratory component and full–scale testing.

Supports: RAH–66 Comanche, Joint Transport Rotorcraft (JTR), System Upgrades, future advanced concepts, dual use potential, EELS, CSS, and MTD Battle Labs.

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