Chapter VII. Technology Transfer
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

5. Army Digitization Program

Digitization of the battlefield has emerged as a major thrust of U.S. national military planning. The Army Digitization Master Plan calls for the development of systems to achieve a tactical inter-networked C3I system that will significantly enhance situation awareness, force integration, combat identification and target hand-off, database distribution, and communications. The International Digitization Strategy provides the framework for international cooperation to enhance interoperability and technology leveraging. In the mid and far terms, international programs will enhance capabilities with reduced technical risk by ensuring the Army access to advanced technologies and alternative approaches.

Worldwide technology trends and specific C4I technology leveraging opportunities have been identified in the Army Digitization Master Plan, Chapter 5, and the International Digitization Strategy. The strategy to leverage these opportunities is to focus on the following:

The Army Research Laboratory's Federated Laboratory will provide new dynamic avenues for government-to-government relationships with enhanced opportunities for technology leveraging through industry-to-industry and academia-to-academia teaming arrangements. Table VII-1 and Annex E have been expanded significantly in this revision of the ASTMP. Many of the added items apply directly to battlefield digitization. Figure VII-11 highlights opportunities identified in Annex E that directly support digitization.

Figure VII-11. International Opportunities Offer Broad Support for the Digitization Technology Base.

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