Chapter VII. Technology Transfer
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

5. Army Science Conference

The twentieth Army Science Conference, sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition, was held at the Norfolk Convention Center, 2427 June 1996. The conference theme was "Science and Technology for Force XXI." It featured presentations of papers judged as best among those submitted by Army scientists and engineers. This conference continued the effort to interact with industry and academia that was established at the 18th Army Science Conference. In an era of austere budgets for all R&D communities, the free exchange of ideas, efforts in cooperative research, and the formation of consortia between the Army and extramural partners are essential for our continued history of technological excellence. The transfer of technologies, to and from all partners, is essential not only for the national defense, but additionally for an enhanced national economic competitiveness. The Army Science Conference, held every other year, continues to provide a viable forum that addresses these bedrock issues.