Chapter VII. Technology Transfer
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

2. Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions

Recognizing that historically Black colleges and universities and minority institutions (HBCUs/MIs) are a national resource with high enrollments of underrepresented minorities, the Department of Defense has encouraged its agencies to develop programs which will enable these institutions to increase the number of minority graduates in the physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering.

It is Army policy that:

The AMC has made considerable progress in achieving these goals. In addition to exceeding the 5 percent funding goal, several significant programs have been established.

In FY93, the AMC consolidated its HBCU/MI research and development program at ARO, which has resulted in some new approaches to working with the HBCU/MI community. In February 1994, ARO published the first edition of "AMC Guide to Programs" especially for HBCUs/MIs. The Guide synopsizes research programs of ARO, the Army Research Laboratory, and each AMC RDEC, and advertises other opportunities for the schools to work with the Command, such as summer programs, cooperative programs, and equipment transfers. Another facet of the ARO/AMC program is recognition of accomplishments derived from research programs with HBCUs/MIs. In that regard, ARO has prepared a full-color brochure of HBCU/MI accomplishments.

The Army Materiel Command"s research programs and other opportunities for HBCUs/MIs are the most innovative of the entire defense department. Through the "one-source" approach, the Command has collected and focused its efforts into a model program.