Chapter VII. Technology Transfer
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

B. Dual Use Technology--National Defense and Economic Competitiveness

Economic strength and military strength are mutually supportive, and dual use technology can contribute to both. As defense spending declines, we must merge military and civilian technology and production bases wherever possible. Thus our military capability gains from the large investment in civilian R&D and production capacity, and, conversely, our economic capability gains from military investment (usually in leading-edge technology). Similarly, medical and environmental capabilities developed for the military have civilian application, and vice versa. Therefore significant effort is devoted to tailoring our R&D programs so we do not "reinvent the wheel" in areas where civilian capability leads, but effectively hand off our advances when they have value to the civilian economy.

This section highlights several programs which are especially designed to encourage development of dual-use capabilities, and to hand off those aspects of predominantly military capabilities (technologies, know-how, and facilities) that have civilian application.