Chapter VI. Infrastructure
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

D. Summary

As illustrated in this chapter, the Army is exercising prudent investments in its supporting infrastructure to meet its objective of developing and maintaining world-class S&T capabilities to meet future Army needs. Simulation investments discussed in previous editions of this Plan are emerging at just the right time to support the needs of planners and operators faced with a base-deployed, downsized Army. This investment is meeting the needs of the TRADOC Battle Labs for planning the Army of the future and providing the materiel developers with the tools to demonstrate new technologies and operating capabilities in a more cost-effective way than has heretofore been available.

The Army will continue to use leveraging strategies wherever possible to interface effectively with other governmental bodies to effect the best solution to satisfying technological needs. We are exercising prudent investments of resources to ensure that it remains fully capable of meeting the needs of the Army.