Chapter VI. Infrastructure
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)


The Army is committed to maintaining world class research, development, and testing facilities. We equip these facilities with modern equipment and hire and retain personnel capable of utilizing the tools provided. This infrastructure is committed to meeting the developmental needs of the land combat force for the foreseeable future and will provide for the effective transfer of developing technologies to the civil as well as the military sectors.

Chapters III through V outline what the Army plans to accomplish in terms of science, technology, and development to meet the Army’s future warfighting needs. How well this is accomplished depends largely on the ability of management to apply state-of-the-art scientific tools, equipment and facilities, and personnel resources in meeting the stated goals.

Keeping the infrastructure current demands an investment, in dollars and management effort, consistent with the needs of the materiel, combat, and training development communities for fielding weapon systems and with the user community’s training and operational needs. It also involves internal investment in S&T to provide added technology to meeting simulation and modeling objectives. The STOs in Volume II will enhance our ability to support materiel development and support advances in gaming and modeling battlefield operations and doctrine.