Chapter V. Basic Research
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

F. Summary

The Army basic research program is an integrated in-house and extramural research program. The in-house laboratory programs are driven by mission needs; the extramural program is chartered to provide a balance between long-term extramural research foci--pursued through Army-funded academic Centers of Excellence and industry-led Federated Laboratories--and unanticipated, more forward looking research windows of scientific opportunity--pursued through the single investigator program. ARO and the management at the Army's research, development, and engineering organizations deliberate and coordinate in partnership to establish, implement, and meet overall Army research objectives. Despite receiving only a small portion of DoD's basic research budget, the Army derives the maximum return on investment from its research program through its high degree of integration. Figure V-24 depicts how the Scientific Research Areas described in this chapter support the 10 technology areas described in Chapter IV.

The research areas described in the preceding sections of this chapter are dynamic and continuously updated. Programs are reviewed by multi-Service organizations, by Army Battle Lab personnel, by peer reviews, and by coordinating groups established for each of the scientific areas. To illustrate this dynamic nature of the scientific areas, Table V-5 summarizes how certain research areas are receiving new or increasing emphasis and highlights recent accomplishments.

Much of the research supported by the U.S. Army is undertaken by distinguished scientists and engineers at American colleges and universities, as detailed in the Extramural Program section of this chapter. Not only does the Army benefit from the accomplishments of these people but they themselves receive honors bestowed upon them by their peers. Table V-6 summarizes some of the awards received during the past year by the individuals shown for their research sponsored by the U.S. Army.

The Army's science base is an essential foundation for the technology on which the Army's ability to meet future threats depends. Research for the Army is performed by a blend of university and in-house components that are uniquely suited to the Army's special requirements. Because of the fundamental role of the science base in shaping the Army's technological future, the Army is committed to strongly support basic research.