Chapter V. Basic Research
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

D. Intramural Program

The intramural/in-house basic research program of the Army provides a direct flow of ideas and technologies into the Army's developmental activities, and is an essential means to attract and to nurture scientific expertise. Army scientists and engineers form a primary resource for the assessment of advances and breakthroughs in the scientific community at large, for determining the best way to exploit these advances and breakthroughs for military applications, and for developing long-range technology concepts. Army scientists and engineers are a primary interface between the Army's developmental activities and the civilian research community, and through their leadership, they stimulate civilian research into areas of military interest or with potential military payoff. Most recently, these scientists and engineers are also guiding Army research toward dual-use applications, where both the military and civilians will benefit. The Army's intramural/in-house basic research programs are administered by laboratories of the Army Materiel Command, Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Army Research Institute. Activities of these laboratories follow.