Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Space Modernization Strategy

This year, Space Modernization includes "Space Exploitation." There are space applications that support all of the Army modernization objectives. Communications supports Project and Sustain, Joint Tactical Ground Terminals are used to provide missile and other warning to protect the force, numerous command and control efforts are used in winning the information war, space-based intelligence and Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) systems support battlefield visualization planning, precision strike, and targeting and the use and applications of GPS and GPS enhancements assist in dominating maneuver.

As our potential adversaries continue to acquire modern technology to update their systems, it is clear that Army access to and exploitation of space capabilities must be upgraded through a continuous modernization program, inserting high leverage technologies to bring about superior capabilities from space to the Army warfighter. These long-term needs will be met by efforts that are planned and programmed today.

In the near term, part of the space modernization strategy is to leverage, buy, and exploit commercial civil and military systems, terminals, and receivers for application on current satellite systems. This strategy includes defining requirements and focusing technologies to provide for future applications of planned systems, as well as influencing the design and development of future satellite systems to satisfy Army requirements. For example, in the case of leveraging assets from civil agencies, the Army is working with NASA and the Air Force to use the NASA Lewis and Clark Spacecrafts to satisfy some Army imagery requirements. Additionally, the Army has participated in the development of the systems requirements for two Air Force programs, the Space-Based Infrared Systems program and the small spacecraft, Warfighter-1. The Army's active involvement with these programs in the early phases of development helps to ensure that Army warfighting requirements are addressed in the design of these systems.

The growing importance of space support to the theater warfighter will require changes from current centralized processing to theater direct downlink and direct access terminals. The approval of the Tactical Satellite System by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council validated the requirement for support of these operations. Limited or dedicated payload tasking and control by in-theater forces will provide the capability to satisfy the space support requirements.

Table III-Q-2 lists the ATDs, Technology Demonstrations and S/SU/ACs for Space Exploitation.

Table III-Q-2. Space Demonstrations and Systems Summary

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