Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

2. Relationship to Operational Capabilities

The Combined Arms Training Strategy (CATS) is the Army's architecture for training and educating its people and units. CATS provides the conceptual framework for establishing training policy and resource requirements. The objective of the CATS architecture is to provide doctrine-based strategies for training warfighting tasks and skills in institutions, units, and through self-development.

Under Project Reliance, the Army manpower, personnel, and training R&D community has the Department of Defense lead for development and demonstration of technology for:

Table III-P-1 presents the correlation between TRADOC's Battlefield Dynamics and training system upgrades and advanced concepts (SU/ACs). It also shows proposed training system capabilities by Battlefield Dynamics. Simulation-based training and training strategies cut across all Battlefield Dynamics, although special emphasis is given to combined arms operations for both large and small units.

Table III-P-1. Training System Capabilities

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