Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Introduction

The U.S. Army is facing a changing threat with varied degrees of sophistication as it enters the 21st century. Given this uncertain threat, the Engineer and Mine Warfare (EMW) mission area continues to play a key role as a critical member of the Combined Arms Team. Recent military operations have demonstrated the critical need for a robust EMW mission area which is vital to the Combined Arms Team and Combat Service Support Elements being able to fulfill their future military role.

The EMW mission area consists of the five major battlefield functions of mobility, countermobility, survivability, sustainment engineering, and topographic engineering. Each function is critical to conducting successful operations throughout the operational continuum, whether fighting a major regional conflict or providing military assistance in operations other than war. Applying technological advancements to modernize these functions enhances the combined arms commander's ability to conduct opposed entry, sustained land combat, and operations other than war to achieve a decisive victory. This section focuses on funded EMW science and technology (S&T) programs which provide systems and system upgrades (S/SUs) in support of Combat Maneuver modernization. Only systems and system upgrades identified in the Combat Maneuver Annex to the Army Modernization Plan (AMP), of which EMW is a part, and advanced concepts with planned 6.3 technology demonstrations of potential future systems are addressed in this section.