Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Introduction

The Army soldier modernization effort is a comprehensive, multifaceted program designed to maximize the operational capabilities of the soldier as a "battlefield system" capable of executing a full range of military operations by enhancing command and control, lethality, survivability, sustainability, and mobility. The Soldier System is generically defined as the individual soldier and everything he/she wears, consumes, or carries for individual use in a tactical environment. The merit of the systems approach to modernizing the soldier was successfully demonstrated in the Soldier Integrated Protective Ensemble (SIPE) Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD), completed in December 1992. SIPE demonstrated the enhanced capabilities that could be achieved through a modular, integrated fighting system for the dismounted soldier. Two soldier system programs were initiated in its wake. The Land Warrior Engineering and Manufacturing Development (LW EMD) acquisition program was structured to maximize currently existing/mature technologies to field a system to meet the near-term soldier requirements. The Generation II Soldier Advanced Technology Demonstration (GEN II ATD) was established to demonstrate an advanced system and to integrate all the components of the 21st Century Land Warrior (21CLW) Science and Technology program.

At the conclusion of Phase II of the GEN II program, the Army consolidated its dismounted warrior programs (GEN II ATD and LW EMD). 21CLW/GEN II ATD was restructured and renamed Force XXI Land Warrior (FXXI LW). The FXXI LW 6.3 Science and Technology program is complementary to the U.S. Army's Land Warrior EMD Program being managed by PM Soldier. FXXI LW is also directly linked to and coordinated with Combat Identification (CID), Personnel Status Monitor (PSM), Lightweight Chemical Agent Detector (LWCAD), Integrated Sight (IS), Javelin, and the Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW). The technologies and capabilities being developed for the dismounted soldier in FXXI LW have broad application in other areas delineated in Chapter III, and represent opportunities for horizontal integration into other systems.