Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Modernization Strategy

The Combat Maneuver Annex to the Army Modernization Plan (AMP), of which Close Combat Light is a part, reviews the requirements placed on the light forces over the entire spectrum of potential future conflicts and is the Army's strategy for modernization of its strategically flexible Light Forces. The Close Combat Light modernization strategy focuses on new materiel which increases lethality, mobility, and survivability while correcting deficiencies and providing the necessary tailorability across the spectrum of conflict. Priority is given to equipment which significantly increases flexibility and survivability.

Early entry forces will gain increased lethality and survivability against heavy forces through application of the Hunter-Standoff Killer concept, i.e., use of advanced forward sensors (hunters) and standoff weapons (killers), that will be demonstrated in a system of systems which can engage enemy forces at ranges beyond their ability to counter. Close Combat Light extracts those portions of all other modernization plans and mission areas that are applicable to Light Forces, examines them from the perspective of the Light Forces roles and missions, and ensures the Light Forces are provided adequate resources.

This plan is the result of a thorough examination of the threat, the nature and imperatives of the future battlefield, a recognition of the need to significantly reduce the time required to develop and field advanced technology systems, and the recognition of time- constrained resources. The plan captures the technology and systems that will make a significant contribution to the deterrent value of light forces and/or provide "leap-ahead" capabilities. The objective is to provide a disciplined evolution of the Army Light Forces to meet the future battlefield requirements of increased firepower, flexibility, mobility, survivability, and sustainability.