Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

3. Army C4 Modernization Strategy

Army C4 modernization efforts support all of the Army's modernization objectives as defined in the 1996 Army Modernization Plan. The objectives represent a combined modernization strategy that improves and/or enhances existing capabilities and takes advantage of "leap ahead" technologies. Army Modernization considers Force XXI as the Army's corporate goal of what it must become to remain the lethal force of decision through the early decades of the 21st century. It embraces the tenets of Doctrinal Flexibility, Strategic Mobility, Tailorability and Modularity, Joint, Multinational and Interagency Connectivity, and Versatility. The Warfighter Information Network (WIN), in conjunction with the Battlefield Information Transmission System (BITS), will provide the communications infrastructure for Army C4 modernization. The purpose is to provide an integrated "foxhole to sustaining base" warfighter information network consisting of communications and information services that support Force XXI requirements well into the 21st century. Significant emphasis is being placed on leveraging and adapting commercial internet technology and protocols.