Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Introduction

The United States Army is vigorously marching towards modernizing and enhancing current command and control, communications, and computer (C4) capabilities to meet the needs of all warfighters. C4 modernization is critical to the Army's modernization objectives, information superiority, and battlespace dominance. The Army's C4 S&T program is directed towards providing the technologies, architecture, protocols, standards, algorithms, and software for integrating communications assets throughout the battlefield. The emphasis is placed on establishing a C4 substructure of the digitized battlefield to provide mission planning with optimal use of resources throughout the task force. Electronic maps, resource data, intelligence information, and operational procedures are used to achieve highly automated operational planning, rehearsal, and execution with real-time command and control. Overall, Army C4 systems are currently rated as having limited capability or quantity to achieve modernization objectives. Communication architectures that will improve and enhance existing capabilities are not yet fielded to the warfighter. To overcome these deficiencies, the future of C4 has been mapped along a path for the modernization of the Force of the 21st Century, i.e., "Force XXI." The Army's C4 modernization and strategic planning efforts are an integral part of Force XXI and are critical to achieving the Joint Chief's Vision 2010. The synchronization of C4 modernization through Force XXI, Vision 2010, and the Battle Labs/Battlefield Dynamics will allow America's Army to be the best in the world, trained and ready for Victory.