Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

2. Relationship to Operational Capabilities

To meet the varied challenges of the 21st century, Army Aviation envisions the family of Systems/Systems Upgrades and Advanced Concepts (S/SU/ACs) listed in Table III-D-1. This table presents the correlation between the S/SU/ACs and relevant TRADOC Battlefield Dynamics. This large, diverse group of dynamics illustrates aviation's ability to support a wide range of combat operations. Army Aviation is an integral part of all Battlefield Dynamics. Table III-D-1 also shows the projected S/SU/ACs capabilities for the aviation functional missions.

Table III-D-1. Aviation System Capabilities

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Army Aviation will continue to be versatile and deployable. It will combine speed, mobility, and fire power in the attack/reconnaissance and assault forces, while moving and sustaining combat power at decisive points on the battlefield in its cargo/utility helicopters. With the evolution of Combined Arms Operations, Army Aviation will be even more important in the faster paced battles of the future.