Chapter III. Technology Transition
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

1. Introduction

In support of the Army's five strategic modernization objectives, Army aviation showcases the development of the RAH-66 Comanche and AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopters. The armed reconnaissance Comanche will be the "centerpiece of the digital battlefield" and the Apache Longbow will provide "all weather" attack capability. Battlefield commanders will quickly realize the advantages gained through the instantaneous transfer of digital reconnaissance data to the airborne shooters and their three-dimensional maneuverability/agility to control the ever changing battlefield tempo. As the threat proliferates and increases the probability of regional and third world conflicts, the need for expanded aviation capabilities for deployability, lethality, versatility, and expansibility will continue to be ever critical.

Consistent with the Army Modernization Plan (AMP), the Science and Technology (S&T) program focuses on those projects which will be vital to Army Aviation's fulfillment of its future military role. The Army Aviation S&T Program will make major contributions to the Army's Battle Lab warfighting capabilities, Force XXI, the nation's rotorcraft industry, and NASA's rotorcraft programs. It is postured to support the potential for a Joint Transport Rotorcraft (JTR) which could meet military and commercial needs.