Chapter II. Science and Technology Integration With Army XXI
Army Science and Technology Master Plan (ASTMP 1997)

4. Where Do We Go From Here?

The 4th Infantry Division (M) has been designated the Army's experimental force for the Brigade and Division experiments. In Phase I, the EXFOR began paving the way to ARMY XXI with their participation in Prairie Warrior '96. This exercise will be followed by the Brigade experiment at the National Training Center in Mar 97, and the Division Experiment in Nov 97.

Phase II will define the Corps organizational changes and institutional Army changes needed for ARMY XXI. This phase will conclude in the 1998-99 time frame.

The third and final phase of the FORCE XXI campaign plan will be the FORCE XXI decisions being made the year 2000. (See Figure II-24.)

Figure II-24. Advanced Warfighting Experiment Calendar

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Task Force XXI is a step along the path, fed by NTC 94-07, and incorporating lessons learned from '95 AWEs. The operational concepts will be derived from TRADOC Pamphlet 525-5 and Force XXI division. Decisions will feed further experiments, especially the Division XXI AWE. The Brigade design will be refined and experimented with again as a live brigade in DIV XXI AWE from the EXFOR (Tank Bn, Mech Bn, En Bn, AVN TF).

The primary objective of the Division AWE is to validate the division design by using Synthetic Theater of War (STOW) capabilities, digitizing the Division headquarters, executing Division-Brigade digitized C3I interfaces/connectivity, and validating TTPs. This experiment will execute operations simultaneously-(1) BDE live, (1) BDE virtual, and (1) BDE constructive to gain insights on echelons above division (EAD)/Joint digitized operations. The experiment will culminate with a BCTP Warfighter in 1st QTR 98 (Nov 97).

The division AWE will examine: